Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Plan for This Month

I'm at my dining table watching the fog roll in the hills. It's pretty amazing- I can literally see the forward edge of the thick fog bank rolling in tree by tree from my little tree house. It's very cool. Of course, visibility is not down to a couple hundred feet and I am thankful for my thick walls and slippers because it's going to be a cold, damp day. I will probably not do that bike ride- I am not comfortable with riding in low visibility and wet weather after my Big Crash three years ago. But I have another plan. Read on.

So after the little ankle-crunch/hamstring/possible sartorius incident of the last race, I had to sit down with myself and acknowledge that my spending ALL the time on the bike (with some in the pool and running) and almost no time stretching or doing core work was actually not all that great of an idea. I love my peeps at the MSA but I wanted to do something more intensive than once-a-week TRX this winter, and I can't afford the unlimited badass membership this season.

By contrast to the Rev. Squishy Middle I am right now, in Virginia when I was a fastie-fast person in the heavyweight hybrid section of the pack (riding The Tank), I spent hours on flexibility and core work. I used to stretch after every workout at the barre section of my gym, do Pilates and yoga every week, and throw in some strength training. I had a decent midsection. Funny how it was so effective...

So I've decided that this month, I am going to do the 28 Day Challenge with online workouts from a company called Barre3. I saw their store in Eugene, and it seems like a Ballet/Pilates fusion. I do know pilates, ballet, and yoga, so I feel comfortable enough in the technique to feel that I can do the online workout with proper alignment and safety. So off I go. I am going to buy the ball this afternoon, and once I buy the toy, I don't turn back.

In other news, I'm also going to be doing the South Beach thing again for 28 days at least. That'll get me through Stage 1 and well into Stage 2. I've done it before and my body really likes South Beach. I like that it doesn't ban foods (except in stage 1, for a very short time), and it focuses on veggies and protein. Since metabolic syndrome is a factor for me, and South Beach Stage 1 seems to really help me reset a cranky body, I am looking forward to this time to detox and let my body rest from all the heavy rich parties of the last few weeks.

Since I've started writing this, the fog bank has moved all the way up the about 50 yards away. I can see over the office building, and down to the trees bordering the lower edge of the property, but not much else.

Fog is so cool, sometimes!

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