Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Klutz in the Pool

Today I went for the first swim of 2013. It is really cold outside. It is so cold, the fog is freezing to the trees, which makes everything look like a Narnia winter wonderland... but remember what happens in Narnia in winter? Yeah, wicked witch, giant lion, all that.

Some times, staying in on these cold cold days makes us safer, right?

So I decided to pack my stuff and head to the pool. The pool has good daytime open hours. And bonus- when it is really cold outside, that pool water feels so nice and warm! I really like the Willamalane pool because they have such a nice deep lap pool. I'm tall, so in shallow lap pools, I have to consciously remember to not stand up and rest. Can't do that in Willamalane. It's all floating, all the time.

I decided to spend today working on technique so I grabbed a few paddles, and after I warmed up, started working on the arm drills a friend suggested. My catch is totally off, so I am learning the arm bending to have a better catch. I tend to flail my arms like windmills- like one of those little windmill dolls people put in their gardens. Well, human beings have "elbows" and when we bend our elbows, we can reportedly go faster through the water.

I'm working on it.

So I went back and forth and back and forth for about 20 minutes, doing different variations on the drill. But then, the paddle on one hand started slipping off, and I tried to prop myself up on the lane rope to adjust it. Staring at a paddle while floating about... bad idea! I hadn't put my silicone plugs into my ears either, so I got a few good sloshes of water right at the same time that my eyes were trying to focus... instant seasick!

I pushed off the rope... except that my triceps were so exhausted from all the drills that I had lost all semblance of arm control, and my paddle-clad hand flew wildly off the rope and came smashing into my face! Klonk.

I swam one more lap, but after that, I was feeling a mixture of seasick and stupid, so I decided to call it a day. It was fun. Remember those exhausted arms? I looked more like a seal flopping out of the Arctic than a swimmer getting out of the pool. Flop. I got to the locker room, only to discover a big spreading black-and-blue smear under my right eye with a nice red splot forming.

Thankfully, I got home quickly and put ice on it right away. A few hours later, you couldn't really tell that I had just punched myself in the face. (Right, Vestry members?) But I was definitely still feeling a little seasick, because come dinnertime, I couldn't choke down my nice healthy dinner, but the excellent french fries at Falling Sky were just the ticket to happiness. Greasy food always calms down my recalitrant tummy... and hey, I had a light day otherwise, so a dinner of a fish burger and fries is totally ok, right?

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