Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hanging in There

I feel like a bad blogger... I keep doing something and thinking "oh, I should blog that" and then next thing I know it's 11pm and I'm on the way to bed. It has been craaaaaazy busy. I will have put on at least one program per weekend by the end of this month. What with other work stuff, it's a little busy.

Add that to working out, meal planning, and making my cats happy, and I haven't even had time to watch TV, let alone blog.

On the meal planning side of things, I've continued to work on MealBoard. It remains kind of a pain in the butt, mostly because I'm still entering in my recipes one by one. But I'm already seeing, once I got a few meals in there, how much easier it is to just drop a meal into the plan. And I love the automatic grocery list- that alone makes all the trouble worth it for me. I limit myself pretty strictly to what is on that list, and my grocery bill has been pretty small this month. Bonus saved money AND easy groceries!

On the training side of things, I am continuing to do Barre3 and liking it more than any video Pilates/yoga/ballet workout EVER, which is saying a lot. I really like Pilates and that sort of thing, even though I'd totally let myself slack the last few years. But the combination of light weights and stretching is really helping- I am already feeling more bendy, and the nagging shoulder pains I've had (always chalked them up to results of injuries from The Crash) are really almost gone. My right wrist still has significant pain in push up position, but I get lots of modifications for those moves. I don't know if that will ever go away.

The downside of things like Pilates- when you have been away from it for a while- is that your body can react pretty quickly, so you can feel your muscles tightening up and lifting underneath the pudge that still remains. I actually feel pudgier right now, even though my scale and tape measure tell me otherwise. But I have to remember that I've dropped nearly 17 lbs of the Connecticut Pudge, and right now, I'm only 9 pounds away from my first goal- to hit my wedding weight. I tend to be really horrible to myself, body wise, so empirical evidence like tape measures help me maintain realism. It's just tough when your body is changing, so parts of my jeans are slack and loose and other parts are snug and tight, and it's different parts than a few months ago!

On the other hand, my cyclist's quads are not too shabby... A good cyclist has got to love her super-powerful legs and bum! They aren't skinny, but they can haul tail up a big hill and I like that!

I continue to ride and enjoy my bike on the trainer. I just love that BMC. It's really my baby. I'm a little weird, so I'm perfectly happy riding intervals inside while streaming Pandora radio stations. But I prefer outside whenever I can get it, and I steadfastly refuse to run on any "dread mill", ever.

The other day I planned a short run that I call the "Holli Hills"- its a tough, hilly route named after a friend of mine who uses a wheel chair and has the most positive attitude known to mankind. I run the Holli Hills because they remind me of her optimism, and that loop never fails to cheer me up. As I worked my way down one big hill, I decided to tack on an extra flat loop for fun.

And then I wondered what the heck happened- when did I become the sort of person who tacked on extra distance to my runs?? Who IS this person?

In other news, I also noticed my shoes show significantly less heel wear on this pair, and lots more wear further up the shoe. Looks like I am doing well with reducing my heel strike. I plan to get to Lake Stevens injury-free!

Things for me to work on: for the rest of this month, I really want to work on my negative monkey brain. I find that as I go out, any little bit of pain sends me into this really negative spiral. And while I HAVE had a few really bad crashes and a few minor injuries, none of it has been stuff I didn't recover from. But still, I start mulling over the crashes or reliving the injuries or worrying about being ale to breathe at altitude or awful things like that. As we all know, negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'd love to know what others have done to conquer that monkey mind, and to snap yourself into I a positive place- how do you beat that? Especially when you HAVE been injured in a sport- how do you prevent yourself from reliving the negativity? Give me your positivity suggestions!

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