Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day one: new toy

Since enough people read this to keep me honest, I figure it's worthwhile to put out there in public what I'm doing.

Today, I bought a Barre3 program and signed up for the cheapie version- online lessons. Normally, I'm not crazy about DVDs because they get repetitive, and I dislike home workouts because they are hard to be motivated for. Well, online community, I would like you to be on my case all month about how this challenge is going! And the workouts reportedly change frequently in the online video version of Barre3. Isn't that a great idea? Online workouts whe the content changes all the time. It would be like going to actual class where the instructors change things up!

Anyway, I got to buy a new toy today: the fitball! I am always skeptical of workout plans that require gear, but since I already had the mat, I figured a $12 ball couldn't hurt. I am really glad I got it. It is used in some creative and buttkicking ways that just cannot be replicated with any other item I have in my house.

It was a great 30 minute workout. The instructor reminds me of Quinn, a girl from my college dance classes who was amazing, but incredibly nice and helpful to everyone. So I'm eager to keep going with this.

In other news, day 2 of South Beach was fine. I remembered to bring my snack with me when I went out, and I saved my coffee until the afternoon so I could go to Starbucks. I did cheat with a little tiny martini with supper- a teensy weensy 'tini, really, but wow, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I may just make a nice ginger tea for dinners for a while. I hate plain water so always want something special with dinners.

I was glad to have that time at Starbucks today. I witnessed the sweetest thing... This woman was there with her dog. He was wearing a service dog vest, but he was sleeping on the job! Whe she got up to change seats, I could see the dog was very old, and he was limping and moving painfully. Seeing me watching, she explained that it was the dog's last day at work and he was retiring effective tomorrow, but that Starbucks was an easy job for him, so she wanted his last bit of work to be a good, successful day.

I sure hope someone is that gracious and kind to me on my last day!

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