Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bendy and Stretchy, But Eager for A Sunbreak!

It has been seriously foggy this week. We have had pretty much 24/7 fog since at least last Sunday. I am fine with the rain and stuff, but I got hooked on our Oregon sunbreaks! This is starting to wear on me- I haven't seen the trees in my neighborhood clearly for a week. Last night as I went to the mailbox, I could swirl the fog around with my hands, it was so thick! (That was kinda cool, but I'm not looking for a silver lining, here.)

I thought about going to the coast today, and doing some beach running, but the weather forecast shows that it is also enshrouded in fog. So there seems to be no escape. I'll be staying home, shut in with the kitties. That usually means I get bored and start cleaning. The only chores left right now are bathroom cleanings. Blah!

I have been doing lots of interval workouts on my bike on the trainer. I miss being outside but I am waiting for my fleecy tights. It is cold and wet out there and I need my warmth! They are coming in the mail from my kleptomaniac husband who took them to West Virginia with him. Yesterday, I did a little movie night where I watched some TV on my iPad and just rode, long and steady.

I've also been doing lots of barre3. For $15 a month, I'm sure getting my money's worth out of this. I really like how many different programs there are and that they add new workouts frequently. I also really like the food blog! She is posting some really delicious recipes. I love he variety. I get bored doing the same DVD over and over, but so far, I haven't had to repeat a single program. It is definitely making me bendier, which is good. And it's achy, but good achy. Not like Crossfit where I was so sore I couldn't move the next day- this is just a creaky soreness. And it really is helping me with the tri stuff, thanks to all that good stretching.

I am also thinking of heading to MSA and having the official coach draw me up a good plan for training for that 70.3. That is probably what I will do. Then I can put all the workouts into a spreadsheet and check them off.

For this month, I decided to go totally computer free. No iPhone GOS app, no heart rate monitor, no bike computer, nothing. I'm even running with my plain iPod. It is interesting to go numbers free, including no watch! I can get caught up on numbers so I decided to just play this month while I got bendy and stretchy again, and worked on nutrition. One thing at a time, right? I figure in February I can start with the numbers and computers again, and that'll be fine. Speedwork can resume then.

The only thing I am still insisting wearing out is my Road ID. Never go running or riding without it. But after I got my sister a Slim, I want one of those too! :-)

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