Monday, January 28, 2013


I was really tired for some reason today- just had no go juice for the bike. I usually love to get on my trainer and ride but today it just felt like a chore- not so much physically but mentally. I mean, my body was tired too, but my brain was just entirely shut off. After riding while talking to M for a while, I cranked it up (both effort and music) to try and a get a good workout in. I just couldn't find a pandora station I really liked. I couldn't find a song I liked. I couldn't find a pace I liked. So finally I set a timer for 10 minutes, and promised that if I worked hard for 10 minutes, I could get off. This usually works out well- usually, after ten minutes I am all revved up and ready to keep going.

Not today. After 10 minutes, I was ready to call it a night! So I did.

I went in for 30 minutes of a nice tough Barre3 workout and my shoulders feel better. I think I stiffened them up a bit after my Saturday hike. I had that one big slip, where I went down on the slippery rock race and used m arm and shoulders to hoist myself back to upright. Whoops.

I am also working on the eating thing- after nailing my percentages for a while now, my new goal to add in is drinking. I am trying the trick of using rubber bands on my water bottle to remind me what number of refills I am on. Hydration has always been hard for me, but I am determined (yet again) to break my dislike of water. Everyone tells us it is good for us, right? And I do notice that I seem to feel warmer when I drink more.

I am also trying to remember to toss seeds and nuts into my bag. Friends will be happy to know how hard I am working on eating my snacks so I don't get too ravenous (and cranky) in between meals.

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