Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Grown Up Version of the Monster Under the Bed

Over the summer, we suffered a great deal of trauma with M's car breaking down in Idaho, leaving us trapped in Podunkalunk, Idaho for a whole weekend, and eventually leading to a multi-state getaway plan involving point-to-point rental cars.  There was swearing and crying and phone calls to sympathetic relatives.  At the end of it all, his car was still in Idaho, and I was left to make sense of a repair bill estimate of over $7,000.  The phone was ringing with the car place wanting to know if they should start that work or not.

At this point, I was praying "Please let it be the timing belt..."

Small wonder I shoved everything into a Pile of Horror and Terror, and left that pile in my study all summer and all fall.

Responsible adult note: I did what I needed to do to appropriately deal with the problem. In the end, the car was shipped home and repaired here and all was well.  It is just the mass of paper that I didn't deal with.  

But I was terrified and EXHAUSTED by all the paper.  I don't know why I was terrified, except that I am a very financially nervous person.  And my memory of the summer involved a big business asking me to give them way more money than I had handy for the purposes of giving them, and me saying no to the big business.  But today, because I had several pieces of OTHER important writing that need to be completed, including the final revisions on my sermon (ahem, self), sorting out that pile seemed to be my top priority.

I turned on the Pandora (enter "Straight No Chaser Christmas" for a really cool station with lots of acapella and alternative, if that is your thing) and got to work.

Astoundingly, I was able to throw out more than half the pile.  Everything else in the Pile of Horror and Terror turned out to be simple household paperwork that I filed in no time, and a huge amount of paperwork from the Idaho repair place.  Since we didn't have them repair the car, I had pages and pages of paper that had no meaning.

Wow.  It feels so happy in here.  Most of the stuff in my Pile of Horror and Terror was nothing but a monster under the bed.

And better than that, with the Paper Monster dealt with, the Urge to Purge is also gone.  My whole house feels festive, even though all I did was eliminate the paper monster.

Isn't that weird?

One of these days I'll learn how to rotate a picture.  This is not THIS year's tree,
but it is ONE of my past Christmas trees.  

Happy Christmas!  (Don't tell the Advent police on me!)

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