Friday, December 7, 2012

The Advent Police Will Never Catch Me!

On the bright side, I have some great friends for Advent.  The Bishop posted a really lovely shot of his classy Advent tree- all white lights and evergreens and pretty little bird ornaments.  Good job, Bishop!  You are so patient and seasonally proper.

How do my colleagues stand me this year?  I'm humming Christmas carols and refusing to behave myself for Advent.  I did successfully fight the urge to buy the big tinsel Christmas tree for my desk.  Just barely.

Meanwhile, I am already stuffing stockings!  I was singing along with Christmas music in the car, and have started my holiday gift making.  I have a couple of eyes to sew on, and some cranberries to soak.  I had a TON of fun this week making a HoHoHo stocking for a little boy I don't know.  It was really, really fun.  I crowd-sourced on Facebook for advice about kid stuff.

Meanwhile, M's stocking is full!  I added a few little fun toys- you know that little $1 section at Target?  I get some silly things from there for stocking stuffers.  And now, all that's left is one last gift and I can pack up the boxes to mail to the relatives in Connecticut and Maryland and Colorado.

I can't write about one of the presents I'm most excited about in case my sister reads this.  But I took pictures!

M gets home next week, not that I'm counting.  (I'm totally counting!)  He's been gone since June, with just three days back in September.  That is no fun!  My hat is off to military families who endure multiple deployments.  It takes real dedication to make a relationship work with this kind of distance.  Perhaps some day I'll write about what we have gone through these past 6 months.

I don't know what it is, but I feel this urge to purge like crazy.  I've been gleaning clothes and books and sending them to Goodwill, and reorganizing things.  Simplicity is fun, though I'll never be a minimalist.  Maybe I have suddenly adjusted to this crazy upside down house...  

So the Advent police better not catch me, being all merry and jolly before Christmas is actually here!

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