Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh my. What I Did Last Night

So a while back I got into a Facebook trash-talking thingie with a priest friend.  He'd graduated Seminary, gained a bunch of weight while wallowing in misery, moved to California, found heaven-on-earth for his family, decided to get healthy, dropped 80 pounds, and said something about triathlon.

Somehow, that turned into us challenging each other to a triathlon.  He's never done one before and somehow got the idea that full Ironman was the way to go.

Some people do that.  Full Iron is their one-and-done triathlon.  Me, I like the whole multisport thing and my teammates are really fun and cool, so I have fun with ALL the different distances.

Besides, I didn't think I'd be ready for full Iron, so I managed to talk him down. (Isn't "I like the multisport thing and all my teammates" a nice way of saying "I'm not ready for I am a worm and no runner"?)

That is why I registered for this.  And so did my friend.  And most of my teammates.  There's a WHOLE BUNCH of us going.

Lake Stevens, July 21.  All I have to do is up my speed and put in some good bike time so I can take my awesome BMC head-to-head with his Cervelo R3, which is also a sweet bike.  One of my friends here Oregon has one, and I looked up the results from the last race we both did.  She was faster than me on her R3, by a little over a minute.  But I'd only had my BMC for four days.  So I think the bikes are pretty evenly matched.

It is SO on, Gates.

And... I sorta can't believe I actually registered for an M-dot.

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