Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, new resolutions

Well, this is new. Usually I make no resolutions in the new year. Usually, I make Advent resolutions. But since I went Christmas crazy all Advent, I am now making New Years resolutions.

In the new year, I'm really going to be considering what to do with the blog. It started as a clergy thing and then morphed into a triathlon thing. When I look back now I realize the posts that are most helpful to me are tri-related posts. So this might be turning into a sort of online training journal, which makes me feel like other people are keeping track of me. Which is great for my motivation!

But I haven't felt much like blogging about issues that are important to me or the church- I feel like I participate in plenty of online forums about those so I just haven't been in the mood to be very serious in this forum. So I expect this will be mostly a tri journal for a while.

Other than that, my resolutions this year are to pay off debt- we are plugging away and I have a very ambitious goal which is part of my overall goal to become less obliged to major corporations. I use their products, but I don't have to be under a legal contract to them. This year, as we pay off our debts, I am resolving to get out of contracts on as many items as possible. My money will be my own.  I want the freedom to decide to drop a cell phone provider a a moment's notice or to not use cable. So maybe by the end of year- be free of at least two of the big debts and free of my cellphone and cable contracts. Yeah, I like that!

I resolve to get my off the bike mile down in the 9 minutes. I know when I am fresh and feeling good, I can roll off some 7:45 miles. So I think a 9: something mile is reasonable. For an Olympic!  I am doing Lake Stevens 70.3 in July so expect to hear about that training.

I resolve to regain my flexibility. After a ver painful leg spasm nearly derailed my most recent race (where I took 2nd in my age group, yeah!) I realize that I have really let my flexibility and core strength slide. I resolve to add Pilates into my post-workout and recovery days.

I don't need any bike resolutions. Ride my beloved BMC a lot. That's too easy.

Continue to be as healthy as possible. I'm considering doing the South Beach program again for a while because I like the recipes and the food and I feel like I'm in a rice and beans rut!

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