Monday, December 3, 2012

Being Christmas in an Advent World

I'm really lucky to be in Eugene/Springfield.  All the Episcopal clergy get along really well with each other.  We even do a regular clergy bible study at the sushi coffeeshop (it's a coffeeshop in the morning and a sushi restaurant at night, and I'm often tempted to try ordering salmon roe for breakfast).  

Last night, it came to pass that several of us were eating dinner in the company of the Bishop, who was down in our area for his annual visitation to Resurrection.  (St. Mary's had theirs a few weeks ago.)  The Bishop told us about his Advent tree, which is just like a Christmas tree, except that it's covered in Advent ornaments.  When Christmas comes, down come the Advent ornaments and up go the Christmas ones.  

I thought that was a pretty cool way to have lots of ornaments and to get to change out the decorating throughout the season.  I might try that some year!  

In the meantime, I know that, as a Christian, and a clergyperson, nay, as an EPISCOPAL PRIEST, I am supposed to love all things orderly and Anglican, and I am supposed to be all "Advent conspiracy" and "waiting expectantly for the coming of the Savior" and all that. 

Normally that's fine. 

This year, I just want Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.  Last year we skipped Christmas, and it's like all the holiday cheeriness bottled up and bust its cork on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I want the Christmas lights, I want the Christmas songs (except the terrible ones), and for love of Santa, give me Claymation Rudolph and Boris Karloff narrating the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  

This year, I don't even find myself super-annoyed by the mall, which usually makes me insane.  Instead, I find I am actually enjoying the sparkly lights.  I am totally mellow about the parking spot search.  

It's very strange.  

For some of you, this probably sounds normal.  That is because you are not clergy, and you don't spend your days with colleagues who are theologically proper and appropriate.  Me?  While I'm mostly behaving at work (other than teasing my co-workers that I will totally pull out my Advent blue vestments and go running down the aisle before they can stop me in our purple, purple church), I am enjoying the Year of Christmas Before It's Time.  

I will also love you grammar fiends, who will parse the apostrophe in that sentence.  It works EITHER WAY.  It DOES.   Bwa ha ha ha ha!  

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