Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thrive (the book) and the Off-season

In the off-season, I tend to experiment with food.  One year, I ate raw for two months.  Another year, it was South Beach.  Last year, it was meat-eating.  I never stick to it long-term as I'm not a fan of long-term extreme anything, but I have found elements I like in all plans.

This year, I wanted to find something that was vegetarian and athlete-friendly.  Plenty of vegetarian recipe books and diets are not written with endurance athletes in mind, and I wanted to find some good go-to recipes for next season when I'm starving and need a lot of calories fast.

Most recently, I've been playing with the Thrive book by pro vegan triathlete Brendan Fraiser.   I really appreciate the advice and work of vegetarian endurance athletes.  I like how he gives me recipes that  cut out processed foods.  I like how he talks about fueling and nutrition- nutrition being what we do every day and fueling being what we do before we do a workout.

He's got a lot of good ideas, some nifty recipes, and a lot of information that I would love to see better citations on, but I can live with it.  I tweak some of the recipes a little.

I eliminate anything involving beets.  I hate beets.  I have tried them a number of times cooked in different ways, and M makes the only beet recipe I can stand, using golden beets.  Otherwise, this vegetarian just really hates beets.  In my mind, red beets are the favorite food eaten by demon clowns in hell.

I have concluded that I don't really like broccoli or cauliflower either.  I may be a vegetable eater, but there's just certain ones I just don't like.

Anyway, goals for this off-seaon include me working hard on my speed.  Now that I have a strong base, I want to be a little faster and a lot stronger.  I feel like I can push myself harder now that I am no longer worrying about "can I finish this thing?  am I even capable of surviving this?"  After Leadman, I feel like I could survive anything.

I just want to survive it FASTER!

I was mad to miss out on the chance for an outdoor ride/run today.  It was raining hard enough that I opted out of the ride- road bikes and moderate-to-heavy rain is what got me in trouble that time that I crashed and snapped my hand in half.  Ouch.  I no longer ride road rides in weather like that.

I was planning on a run, but after I got back from doing my least-favorite chore (grocery shopping), I discovered that I had mis-saved my sermon that I wrote two days ago and got to spend my afternoon reconstructing a sermon.

Grrrrr.... hopefully, I can fit that long run or workout in tomorrow somehow!

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Jennifer Burke said...

I hate beets, too. In fact, I re-enact a toddler-like tantrum if they are put on my plate. I knew we were friends for a reason. :)