Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Most Awesome Use of a Pulpit Ever, in the History of Christianity

When I first arrived in Oregon, the Bishop of Oregon was cleaning out the basement at Diocesan House in Portland, and I scored an awesome pulpit.  A little refinishing later, a shelf, and bingo, I had a pulpit bookcase.  It lives in my house and serves well.

Lately, I've become totally obsessed with the idea of the walking desk and standing desk.  I read way too much about how sitting kills us, and I have been noticing myself that sometimes, after I've been working for a while or gotten lost in a book or a show that my body (my bum, my back, and my elbows) tingles or feels sore as I get up.

It's a sure sign I'm sitting too much.

I was totally entranced by the idea of the FitDesk and wanted one instantly.

However, the Vagabond is currently being very careful with her funds.  After the Summer of the Car Disaster requires me spend my energy to replenish my emergency funds, and after the Recession Continues To Wreck My Life in so many ways, $250 just didn't seem like the best use of my funds. Especially since I"m about to sign up for the Lake Stevens 70.3.  I could go to a race... or buy an exercise bike.

Easy choice, right?

But it didn't make me stop wanting one.  In the winter, I ride tons on the trainer anyway, so the idea of a desk top that I could use while I pedaled slowly was just entrancing.  Because I ride plenty fast the rest of the time.  Just the idea of being able to wiggle and squirm while doing work is appealing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell me again how ADHD manifests in girls?

Anyway, I started wondering to myself if maybe I could borrow a drafting table from someone and jury rig something when I remembered the height of the pulpit bookcase.  I pulled out the books, pulled up the shelf, and now I introduce:

The Holy Roller.

AKA, the Most Awesome Thing Ever Done With A Pulpit.  

Can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure the Rev. Ref is DYING of jealousy right now...

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