Monday, November 12, 2012

Lake Stevens. It is on.

So a few weeks back, I was Facebook chatting with a friend, and somehow we ended up challenging each other to a half-Iron distance tri.

What with one thing and another, we called the challenge for Lake Stevens, next summer.

This means I'm going to be racing against a guy who is one of those fellows who lost a ton of weight and got fit.  These guys are tough and fast- they build up a lot of muscle from carrying their extra weight, leaving people like me whining in the dust.

Granted, I could afford to drop some poundage in an effort to increase my speed as well.  Since my diet is pretty clean and healthy at this point, I don't think that restricting food/calories would be beneficial to me at this point.  No, I think it is time I start focusing on speed.  The last few years, I was focusing on building the base distance, so I could go that far without hurting myself.

Now that I know I can cover that distance, it's time to push my comfort zone.  Intervals, fartleks, and feeling-the-burn will become part of my life.  I also think I need to recommit to weight training-  I've been doing almost exclusively distance, and it shows.  I cannot be the slightly chubby girl this year if I am to represent against this friend.

That's a triathlon friendship, by the way.  "Hey, buddy, ole pal.  Wanna hang out?  Let's have an endurance race to the death.  Yeah!  That's so much fun!"

In the meantime, I'm also considering ways to minimize my sitting.  I think I sit far too much and I want to change that.  I'm considering getting a FitDesk but can't decide if I should try the $80 fits-on-my-road-bike model, or the stand-alone-exercise-bike model.  On one hand, I like the idea of staying on my regular geometry of my road bike that I love.  On the other hand, the stand-alone model seems like I could ride it in normal clothes, which would be more conducive to work.  And then keep my road bike free for road riding all the time!  (Or actually, for riding trainers, too.  It's really rainy today!)

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