Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back home, returning to life

I managed to return safely from Mexico.

It was an amazing trip- maybe one of the most fascinating educational experiences I've ever had the chance to be on.

On the downside, aside from the altitude issues, I accidentally brought home a little more E.Coli in my gut than I should have.  

I did see several triathletes at the Xochicalco pyramid.  It's obviously a popular big hill climb, like a giant-size version of our Skinners Butte.  I saw one woman ironman jersey crawling her way up that hill, and was clearly fighting for that hill climb.    

Near the end of the trip, at Dia de Los Muertos visitations, I got a TON of food that included a LOT of greasy meat and some punch that wasn't made with filtered water.  I'm sure I'll talk more about Day of the Dead celebrations, but in the meantime, I should mention how careful I was to drink only purified water the whole trip.  Until the punch.  And it is probably that a vegetarian should perhaps have not eaten four tamales, a taco, and a burger with fries, plus coffee and two types of punch, even in the name of hospitality.  

That is why I'm now on a round of Cipro and (two hours after the Cipro) stuffing myself with probiotics (doctor's orders).  My poor tummy was actually distended with unhappy bacteria, so now we are wiping that slate clean.  And that's all we shall say about that.  

So my plans to get back into training this week and take advantage of any nice day that came along was derailed by the overwhelming desire for oblivion to claim me and transport me from this plane of misery.  If you've never had E.Coli Overabundance, you haven't missed anything.

After a few days of nuclear-strength antibiotics, I have become able to feel enough energy to cook.  And I think maybe tomorrow, I'll try tossing in a walk or a walk/run interval.

Next season'll be here before I know it.  

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