Saturday, September 15, 2012

"When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong"...

Everyone in the universe should know that Dirty Dancing is one of the best movies there is.  Long story short: boy meets girl.  Subplot: minor love triangle in which boy was suspecting of getting another girl pregnant, requiring first girl's doctor father to save second girl's life.  In the final scenes, Patrick Swayze swaggers in, glares down Baby's parents, and declares, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."  He sweeps her away for a mambo, and as the entire room dances the night away, Baby's father comes over to the couple and tells Johnny Castle, "I know you weren't the one who got Penny in trouble.  When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong."

And everyone lives happily ever after.

A few weeks ago, I nailed Hammer to the wall over Heed and Perpetuum.  I maintain that those two products are the most awful thing I have ever attempted to ingest in my life, including coconut-flavor laughing gas (to this day, I don't like daiquiris).  I will carry my own Gatorade on the course.  I will not be taking any Heed during Leadman because I want to live.  (And not yack on the course.)

But Hammer has redeemed itself.  So for the times I said that Hammer was the worst nutrition company in existence, I must say I was wrong about that.

Hammer has created a line of gels that I not only tolerate, I really like.  Even Clif Bar and Honey Stinger gels can't compare.  I have hated gels for years.  Most gels are just too sicky-sweet and make me gag a bit as I suck them down, so I save them until I am about two steps away from bonking and then suck them down (while hacking a little).  They were stuff-of-last-resort.

Hammer gels have changed everything.  They have less sugar and they swallow easily.  So far, I haven't met a flavor of Hammer gel that I don't like.  Trust me, as a long-time gel hater, this is as astounding to me as to anyone else.

I think I WILL do the run on just gels and water.  I've been practicing that this last week- both runs and swims on gels and water, and not ONLY do I feel fine with no gut issues at all, I am actually perfectly fine with taking more gels.  In other words, I don't have to force these gels down like I always have before.

For last minute things: I had to do an errand at Target, and took the opportunity to pick up some new socks.  I had so many socks with so many holes in them, and some others that were so stained that no amount of bleaching could save them, so it was time to get new socks.  And there was this huge clearance section.  So I got CLEARANCE socks, 6 for $3!  They even have a little compression arch support.  Why, yes, I wear socks when I do tris.  To each her own.

I did my last open water swim yesterday with a teammate who is prepping for a half-iron in Georgia. I wish I knew how far we swam, because we both felt we were booking it.  I've been practicing everything M taught me- he wanted me to work on keeping my midsection taut so I could "not wiggle so much", to kick so my legs stay on top of the water, and to do this weird thing with bending my arms so I am scooping towards my chest.  Apparently, I was using my arms without any bend at all, which made me look like a swimming version of those lawn-ornament pinwheels.

I dropped off the BMC for its pre-race checkup, and we are going to fine-tune the fit later this week.  It's T-6 days now.  Wish me luck!

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