Sunday, September 16, 2012

Race Week

So it's race week.  When I'm not working like a madwoman to get a bajillion things done including ALL the news I need to give my colleague by Wednesday for inclusion in the October newsletter, I'll be sleeping extra hours and goofing off.  My BMC is at the mechanic getting its pre-race massage by the mechanics, so no big bike ride for me this week.  I'll miss you, Hutch's Ride!  


Drinking like a fiend.  I'm going to make my favorite homemade sports drink, with a little trick I discovered.  It calls for dates.  I've found if I soak the dates overnight in the citrus, they blend up so much better.  So I will be making a few little jars of the concentrate up so all I'll have to do is blend it in the mornings.  Once in a while I think ahead.

Foam rolling.  Here's hoping I can loosen up the slightly tight right hip.  Back in the day, I used to take ballet while doing the long rides, and I never had hip issues.  Um, duh.  I can't afford ballet at the moment, but no reason I can't do the barre stretches and routines I already know.  I doubt I'll be throwing full splits down, but I'll be pleased if the tight hips loosen up a little.

Watching junky TV.  I had a delightful weekend watching football.  Comcast stymied my hopes to watch my beloved Ducks demolish Tennessee, but I contented myself with a really nice, tight technical game by Stanford who beat USC.  That cheered me up.  I trained so hard over the summer that I really haven't watched much TV at all.  I'm going to catch up on all the shows I've missed.  My secret guilty pleasure is The Voice.  And anything that stars Richard Dean Anderson.  What can I say?  I've had a major crush on McGuyver since I was a little girl.

Laundry and packing.  That's right.  The checklists are coming out.  If you are one of those people who went on pilgrimage with me, you experience the Vagabond Checklist System.  It involves spreadsheets, ziploc bags, and delightful lists to check off.  I've never forgotten an essential ingredient in tris so far, so you can laugh at my system all you want.  I can take it.

Six days to go!  Well, five days, 1 hour, and 49 minutes.  Whew....

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