Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post-race Report

Have no fear, I am working on what might be a two-piece race report.  There's the whole mental aspect that went with this race- the fear, the trembling, the meeting the Fat Cyclist and his awesome family, the driving home across the old 242, and then there was the physical aspect- the swimming, the (honestly) epic bike, the run.

And while I work on getting that into coherent order, I am sitting on the couch slowly devolving as I drink my Ninkasi and eat my Ben and Jerry's and bake my eggplant for a nice eggplant sandwich.

And that is likely going to be all that I accomplish tonight, other than finally getting my race numbers off.  I even packed my laundry into a separate bag before I left Bend, so all the stinky stuff is in a bag that gets tossed whole into my laundry sack.  

The view from part of 242, in the Lava Field.  It was so nice to drive on a clear day and check out the view!  (Last time I was up here, it was rainy and cold!)

The finish line area, on Friday, before the race.  Cool, right?

The amazing hotel suite that a good friend helped me score.  It was about 20 minutes from the race site, and SO comfy, with a kitchenette so I could eat the food I brought.  HUGE help!

Some of the swag we got- a jersey!  Yeah! 

My Badass Mountain Climber, getting a well-earned ride home.  HUGE, GIANT thanks to Justin and Gilad at LifeCycle who got me on this machine, fine-tuned the fit, and gave it a pre-race checkup.  ZERO mechanical problems, and a happy, comfortable ride.  The only thing that hurt on this ride were my legs, from pedaling so damn hard.

They make me feel like a real racer.

Oh, yeah, and I DID pass a few people on that climb.  Rawr.  

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