Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Granola Bars, homemade

It's no secret that my meat-eating experiment came to an end sometime in July and I was reunited with my eternal love for tofu.  As I ramped up the training for Leadman, I focused really hard on getting enough protein and enough calories.  I'd been vegetarian since I was 14, and it worked so well for me, that I hadn't realized that the calories that were enough for me when I was on dance ensemble just aren't enough now when I'm doing so much distance stuff.  (Seriously, dance is hard, hard work, but it's not the sustained long effort of a long bike ride.)
What kitchens look like when crazed triathletes decide carbs are essential to existence, RIGHT NOW. 

The questions I get the most often are "how do you get enough protein" and "are you really hungry".

Protein: I'm taking my tips from nomeatathlete.  At night, I try to put together complete proteins for dinner.  The rest of the time, I'm just thinking of "add one more protein source" to everything- Add an egg.  Toss on some almonds.  That kind of thing.

As far as "am I hungry", oh, holy heck, yes.  I think I am frightening colleagues at this point.  I brought my Bishop frozen yogurt for a meeting we had.  At clergy lunch today, I *think* the bread basket hit the table before I made it mine-all-mine, but I think there were a few colleagues surprised I could move that fast.

Sorry, girls and boys.  They were carbs.  I'm in taper.  It's nothing personal.

So on, I found a great formula for energy bars and I've been making those all summer.

But today I wanted something different.  Maybe it's that fall is rolling in.  As the temperatures drop, I start wanting things that are toasty and baked.  I really don't like oatmeal.  I prefer oats in a crunchy cookie form.  Mmmm, cookies.

I found a recipe for a chewy granola bar.  I've made homemade granola bars just like you have, the ones that come out way too crunchy and break all over the place.

These started out with baked garbanzo beans.  I have never had these before, and ohmigawd, where have these things been all my life? You roll them in cinnamon and sugar, and bake them and shake them a little, and let them go anywhere from 20 minutes or until they are as crispy as you want them.  They were a little chewy inside with this slightly crispy exterior.  Holy heck.  Wowsers.

Roasted garbanzo going into the granola bar mix.  After I stole a few.

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