Friday, September 14, 2012

Bib # are out!

I got an email from a teammate today where I learned that bib numbers are out!

I'll be #401 in this crazy adventure next week!

Over the next week, I'm going to drink like a fiend (water and stuff like that!), but lay off the caffeine so I can shock my system a bit on race day.  I've done that before and it works well, for me.  Your mileage and GI system may vary.  :-)  But I know I have to get lots of good hydration in!

I've already started doing the laundry and have just a few things left to do before it all gets real.

Next friday, I'll be attending the Interfaith Breakfast (it's a work thing, and while Fridays are my day off, I think that interfaith relationships and conversation are really quite important.  Essential, really, in our day and age).  And after I get a little protein and carbs, it's me and my Beetle and my BMC, off to Bend.

Yesterday, I did a little light trail run up Martin Street.  I only slowed to a walk twice!  And that elevation profile from Martin St. to Fox Hollow is killer.  And then I threw in an extra mile down Fox Hollow to Dilliard.  The extra challenge was nice, except for the part where I got a little over-enthusiastic and jumped over a tree root instead of swerving about a foot out of the way.

I jumped that root like Superman leaping tall buildings, and then promptly jammed my right foot, big toe side, into this large knobbly rock on the other side of the root.

I saw red.  I said some words you guys don't think I know and that I don't use in front of my mother.  And last night my toe was purple!  Thankfully this morning, it's just a little red.

I might leave the jumping-over-trail-roots for the really hardcore people.  I swear I heard that rock and tree root high-fiving each other as I ran away, saying "Got another sucker who thinks she's all hardcore.  wha ha ha ha ha."

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