Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beans, Beans...

Considering that I'm probably super slow compared to most of my team, if not to most of the field that will be out there, I know I need to work hard on Saturday.

So I decided I'd bring my own food to Bend for a pre-race dinner.  I usually do this for events, anyway, make a load of PBJ's, and pack some nuts and fruit and stuff, but this race has a huge 20 mile climb in it.  So I figured I'd made a boat load of beans, and "conveniently" forget to bring any Beano.  And by race morning, the "bonus"... um... tailwind should make that uphill super-speedy.  At the least, it'll mean that no one will be hanging out in my draft zone.

Bwa ha ha ha ha.  I am so mature.

Seriously, I have a few dark green veggies that are seriously considering giving up the ghost, scrubbing their mission to fill me with delicious vegetarian iron sources, and turn into compost in my fridge.  I have just a few days left to save them.  I have always loved search-and-rescue stuff*, especially as a chaplain, so Chaplain Cuddles is going to find and save all the veggies.

I've found a system that seems to work pretty well for me.  I cook up a few double batches of rice, and a huge batch of beans, and I portion the plain rice and plain beans into a bunch of sandwich bags of beans and rice that I then stash flat in my freezer.  And I freeze the daylights out of them.

Then in the evenings, all I do is chop up a bunch of veggies, get them seasoned and throw in some flavorings, and toss in a packet of rice and beans.  Presto- rice and beans with very little waiting!

Trust me, there's rice in there.  It's just underneath and I haven't tossed this yet.
Also two types of beans, two types of olives, parsley, spinach,
onions, and Italian-type spices. 

If you hate rice and beans, you will hate this.  I used to hate rice because I associated it with Uncle Ben's Dry Pellets of Misery, until M started making me rice.  And he turned me onto moist, fluffy, fresh rice.  And a year into our marriage, I finally got us a rice cooker.  And ever since, my go-to lazy, cheapskate dinner has been rice and beans.

*Have I ever mentioned my cool older brother, the Paramedic?  He does that saving-people stuff for a living.  

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