Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Week's Plan So Far

So far, this is another building week.  (It seems a lot of plans go in stages- three weeks build, one week recovery).

So I have done two swims, one big slightly ugly bike, and a run.  I am supposed to have another 1 hr run today, and a 1 hr swim.  By "slightly ugly" bike, I mean that I started out, thought I'd ride some big hills, got going, realized I was feeling a little tired, and then got gusted by the wind.  I didn't crash, but it reminded me that my new wheels are SO LIGHT that I"m still feeling a little unsteady, so I opted to keep it on smaller hills for now.

I did get my first Queen of the Mountain on Strava, on a flat segment, for speed.  Yeah, go me!  And I bested a previous hills time.  So I might have felt a little unnerved by the first gusts of wind, but I made a good recovery.

Then actual work comes along.  You might have figured from the blog name that I have something to do with a church.  I'm an Episcopal priest, and most of the time, I'm an Assistant and I like it that way.  (You know, the Boss has to do all the really hard work like the pastoral care and more committee meetings and I'm pretty free to have my writing days in coffee shops and visit with quilters and knitters and to work in those extra runs.)

This week the Boss is on vacation.  Which means it ALL comes to me.  In addition to my regular workload, I'm catching all the pastoral calls too.  Normally, we have a great pastoral care team.  But the sort of calls that came in today were "priest" type calls, so it all came down to me.  Often I can delegate, and some of these I can delegate later on, too, but this time it had to be me.  I got home after 5:30 and the pool I like opens for laps at 6:45.  So I am thinking that there is time for just one of these workouts if I have any intention of cooking and relaxing tonight and so I'm trying to decide what gets done today and what gets pushed until tomorrow.

I'm leaning towards the swim tonight and the run tomorrow morning, so I can finish the run at the mechanic's where my Dreadful Dodge is all better and awaiting pickup (and payment.  This will be by far the most I have ever spent on a car at one go.  OUCH!).  On the other hand, Thursdays are also club brick days, so part of me wants to save my legs for the brick workout, and do the morning swim...

Off to check the training plan and figure out what can get swapped to when.  Such is life as a time- (and cash-) strapped triathlete.

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