Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shoehorn Training And the Dilemma of Eating Constantly

Whenever I ride horses, I typically use a shoehorn to get my feet into my boots.  Once in, they are  comfortably snug.  But to get my over-large, flipper-shaped foot in there, I need the shoehorn's assistance.

Not a current picture, but the best one I have that demonstrates the flipper-like spread of my feet.  No blisters like this this year.  It is because I now soak my feet in pickling brine.  Or I've just learned to respect hot spots better.  Or maybe I just have calluses one.  One of those three things. 

Right now, I could use a life shoehorn for everything that needs to get into my life.

August is perhaps one of the busiest months in my calendar.  We joke around our office about how some other clergy call the summers "slow" and we wonder how they do it.  Our summers are jam-packed with prepping for a program year.

In addition to that, I have my parents visiting me for their first trip to Oregon, and my husband visiting from his fellowship the week after.  Family does trump... well, almost anything.  In the midst of all that, I lost my housecleaner who just stopped showing up for work, and so I have had to somehow cook decent vegetarian food to keep myself alive, clean the house enough so it was reasonably presentable, and do the laundry frequently enough to keep me well supplied in necessary things like clothes.  You see, according to USAT rules, nudity is quite illegal.  But fear not, little chickadees.  The Vagabond does not allow her precious bum to experience daylight.  She is modest to a fault.  So this particular USAT rule is her very favorite, ever.

True story: when I was first starting out, my greatest fear in tri was how I would handle changing clothes in between events.  Learning about tri suits was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I seriously almost cried tears of relief when I discovered that public nekkidness was a rule-breaker.  

To get my training in, I plan to drag my parents to the pool so they can play in the wave pool or sit in the hot tubs while I swim my laps and do my catch drills (I'm learning how to catch water better so I can move faster).  I'll probably take my running gear to Seattle.  I got up at 6AM this morning and was on my bike riding hills by 6:30 so I could get home, showered, changed, and to work by 9ish.  It takes some sneaky thinking, is what I'm saying, to fit in all the training that needs to happen.

I'm also working on the nutrition thing.  Like, this morning I was dragging along at 15.6 mph, and I think I didn't have enough carbs going on.  My tummy rumbles more often than Jets and Sharks.  Last night, I went to bed hungry and woke up hungry... and I'm eating ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm concentrating on getting enough protein and complete amino acids from veggies, and is a great resource these days.  His veggie burger formula might be my new favorite formula ever.  I even made rice and bean packets for my freezer to make meals faster and easier.

Honestly, I am trying really hard, I swear, but I just can't finish all the food I'm supposed to eat at one sitting!  So I'm eating a lot of snacks, or sometimes I'll eat half my meal and then eat the other half a few hours later, so it's constant eating, eating.  It's really not as awesome as it sounds.  People are asking me if I've lost weight (my face starts hollowing out long before I lose actual pounds), but I tell you, it is kind of a pain in the neck to be thinking all the time about how to get the next round of carbs and protein.

That being said, be wary of me, because if I find out you have carbs handy, I might knock you down without mercy and run off with your carbs.  Mine, all glorious mine.

You see what this does to me?  I transform from a pretty mellow priest into a carb-crazed maniac.  I'm a sandwich zombie.

Like right now, my tummy is rumbling a bit and I'm really tired, so it's a choice between EAT or SLEEP.  Sleep will win for now.  I imagine a double egg sandwich will win in about 7 hours.

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