Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Summer Goal Achieved!

At the beginning of the summer, I had this idea that it would be fun to break 1:00 hour on the Thursday night brick workouts.  My previous best time was something like a 1:02 something, and that was on a day when I was going fast.

But today I did something I didn't think was even possible.

I decided to just go all-out and see what happened.  (Yeah, that also was a previously impossible thought for me.  I had two speeds: stop, and go.  The idea of "easy run" versus "all out run" is really pretty new to me.)

I ran my first two miles at 8:07 minutes per mile.  For perspective, when I started this tri stuff three years ago, I couldn't run a mile at all.  At Nation's that year, I was at my peak and I ran 10:40 miles off the bike.  That first summer, I used to race old people as they were taking out their trash, trying to beat them to the end of their driveway.  So holding down an 8:07 mile, for me, is super duper fast.  Whooooosh!

On the bike, I held down a 20.2 mph pace, riding my loop in under half an hour.  (Three years ago on the Bambino, my average mph was a 17.2.  These days, I ride with the SuperCyclist when I can, and I pick up speed via osmosis).  Somewhere on the bike, I realized that I had a shot at a sub-1 hour brick, and I decided to click up a gear and just push my cadence as hard as I could.  In English for those of you who like me to explain triathlete terms, this means that I made the bike harder to pedal by clicking the lever that makes my gears harder or easier, and I pedaled really hard.

This is rewarding in the category of "wheeeeeeeee!"  Can I even say how much I love my BMC?  BMC makes amazing bikes.

The moment of truth is really the off-the-bike run.  Bricks are bricks because that is how your legs feel. But I kept pushing it... and a few pep talks of "Come on, legs" later, my legs were responding with that last 8:40 mile.

This is last mile was still 2 minutes faster than my fastest Nation's time from 2010, and over a minute faster than last year's 9:42 miles!

My overall brick was about 55 minutes (the team coach has the final number), so I took my sub-1-hour goal and crushed it!  

If you are a Eugene tri person, you missed my great triumph!  And by that, I mean Jen gave me a high-five while I walked around and panted for a bit while SuperCoach crunched the numbers for us.

And then I went home where my momma is visiting and she had a nice hot dinner of beans and rice waiting for me, and I ate all the beans and the rice and now I am thirty seconds from crashing.  I was starting to wonder if I'd have to go to bed before my parents, which I haven't done since I was 7.  But seriously, with this training volume, I'm keeping kindergartner hours.  Early to bed, later to rise, and a morning and afternoon snack time and mandatory nap time.

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