Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life in the Hills

I live in the hills of Eugene.  It means that whenever I leave the house, walking, riding, running, however, I can be pretty sure I'll be working hard to get back home.  There is no coasting home.

In Arlington, while Columbia Pike did have a pretty good hill near the military barracks, once you got past that, you were pretty good to go as far as a nice calm flat-to-downhill home.  Clearly, I had no idea how spoiled I was.

Today, the plan called for a 1 hour swim and a 1 hour run.  My plan was to get home right about 5, run, eat a snack, head to the pool, and swim.

That was before M called via Facetime.  It's so rare to get to see him in real time, and he found a strong wifi signal, so we could really talk today.  It was after 6 when I finally left the house.  I got home around 7:20PM.  The pool is about 20 minutes away and closes at 8:30PM.  The swim wasn't going to happen.

Ah well.

Best laid plans and all that.

However, I can't really fuss.  This is the elevation profile of where I ran.

That's pretty much exactly vertical.

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