Friday, August 17, 2012

Going Mad With Power

Oh, Comcast.  I am so sorry for you, when you overbill me for three months and renege on the special deal my apartment complex's agent sold me, because that agent is now working in a different department and the new agent doesn't get involved in deals and billing mistakes.

This does not mean I will accept your offer of a different deal for services I still don't want, and the offer of a new two-year contract.

It means I will dump you hard and set myself up (again) with rabbit ears and DSL.  Just like I had in the past.  Just because you sell it and tell me it's important, doesn't mean that I will believe you.

In this era of internet TV which includes Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes, not to mention the option of watching lots of shows through the networks' websites, you, O Cable, are really turning into quite the dinosaur.

I don't like your contracts.  I don't like your programming schedule.  I am sick of the glut of reality programming clogging primetime, and of dialog that consists mostly of "bleep" noises.  In fact, I so rarely watch anything you think is popular at the hours you think I'm watching.  I wonder why you even bother with schedules anymore.

What killed you (yet again) in my house: Three things.

1) You screwed up my billing, and refused to fully correct your problem.  And you made that my problem.  Big mistake.  The correct answer would have been, "We are so sorry for that error.  Let me correct that for you."  Don't blame your co-workers.  Just fix the problem yourself.  

2)  Rick Steves.  I know he's a professional geek, carrying his dorky backpack and wearing his slightly fuddy-duddy khakis and smiling as he goes about his international travels with persistent good humor.  And I love him for it.  He's like Mister Rogers for grown-ups.  And you, Cable, do not broadcast Rick Steves at any hour I can possibly watch him.  

The loss of my Rick Steves habit has been inciting me to battle for the last year and a half.

3)You are sending me threatening letters informing me that my service will degrade because I do not have a digital TV.  So you want me to add yet another gadget onto my TV so I can more of the programming I don't want to watch at times that don't fit my life.  Your agent helpfully suggested that if I upgraded my old TV, that would solve the problem.  Don't threaten me, ever, for a non-essential service.  You know when you can threaten me?  Ummm... that would be never.  

Let me tell you how I will solve this problem.

I will cancel my cable.  I've canceled my cable three times already in my life.  In fact, I may go down in history as the person who cancels her cable the most.  I have it when it comes free with my internet, and the second you start charging me for it, out it goes.

You call this a "poor decision".  I call this "consumer power".  I have it.  You don't.

See ya.  Don't let the bleeps hit you in the butt on the way out.

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