Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Plans: Run, Bike, Swim

So on my day off today, I expect to start with a 2.5 fast run.  Basically, I'm planning an all out sprint from my house to the garage where the Dreadful Dodge now sits fully repaired.

The Short Version of the Long Story Which I Won't Tell All Of So I Can Continue To Mine It For Sermons for the Rest of My Career: In June, our long-planned Yellowstone vacation went bust when our car engine blew up in Idaho (four hours short of Yellowstone!).   It was a whole weekend before we were able to rent a one-way rental car and escape the tiny town of Kellogg, Idaho, where we'd been trapped.  Once the car finally was shipped back to Oregon, my own mechanic got down to business and fixed it.  

Essentially, it means that we get a fully functioning car back better than it was before, and M can come home in September to visit me and to get a car to make the remainder of his fellowship much easier, and it's about the best outcome it could possibly be.

The downside?  I have to write out a check tomorrow that is several times my rent.  I keep telling myself that this is why we have emergency savings.  And this is why we chose to live in a tiny place, so our expenses could be way under our income each month. I keep reminding myself that everything is ok.  On the other hand, I am a super nervous nelly about money issues, and this huge check is causing me insane stress.  So yeah, I'm sprinting to the garage so I can be a little worn out and not as wired up while I pay the nice mechanic.  

After I bring the Dreadful Dodge home, I'm planning to take the BMC to the bike mechanic.  I think the fit needs a little tweaking.  It feels like my legs are turning in bigger circles than I'm used to, and the front of my knees feels a little tired after a hard ride.  I'm thinking that's a seat height thing.  I also have some very minor tingling in the hands- that's me need to learn to unlock my elbows, and might be a handlebar thing.  (I was so used to a stretched-out fit that I find I am really having to learn to relax my shoulders and elbows.  I bunch up to stretch out.  I really don't need to do that anymore!)  But it's off to the mechanic.  Not only are they fun guys, but I haven't visited since before the Rolf Prima.  And besides, there's a slight chance I might have a slow leak in my front tire.  And I'm pretty sure the bike has a cold.  

I haven't decided if I'll ride there or not.  Both the lower approaches to my house are being repaved this week, and the only non-molten-asphalt way out of my place tomorrow will involve going up into the hills.  See yesterday's elevation profile for the problem with that!  And on Saturday, I'm considering a hill 75 mile ride with a friendly group.  I might want to save myself for that, and to put in a hard swim tomorrow instead.

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