Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Climbing Big Hills

So I got it into my head that it would be fun to do a hilly ride today.

I started riding up Bailey Hill Road, which is really close to where I live. Bailey Hill has a good climb, too.  Then I decided to hammer the back half of the Hutch's Loop as hard as I could.  Then I decided that Green Hill was the shortest road home.  I was already pretty tired by now, and pretty sure I hadn't eaten enough all day.  

This is Green Hill, about half way up.  I climbed it in one go last summer, on the Bambino.  It took me most of the summer to screw up the courage to try it.  Today's ride was notably uglier.  When I rode it last year, I rode directly to Green Hill, on a day off.  Today, Green Hill was the last of three big climbs I did on a ride, and I was hungry and had worked a full day.

This was a rest stop.
 This is the top of Green Hill.  What you can't see in this shot is the undulating road rolling away below me.

That is all.

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