Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slackertarian Avoids Grocery Store on Sunday, Again

First of all, the day after the tri for which I was woefully undertrained, I am shocked that my legs and various body parts feel pretty great.  I don't feel wrecked like I did for Nation's the last two years.  I really wanted to go for a bike ride, and I had to work hard NOT to but to take my planned rest day instead.  I am going to credit one of my pilgrims, who is a super-duper runner.  While in England, she had to keep her mileage up for a special running camp, so she took her leaders out several times for runs.  I did a lot more running than I ever would have other wise... so the fact that I am not dead, I credit to the Super-Runner.  Good on her.

In other news, for someone who loves to cook, I sure do hate going to the grocery store.

About 10 days ago, I did a really huge grocery shop.  Last week, using Diet for a Small Planet, I concentrated on protein.  Frances Moore Lapp's idea is that the body can access vegetarian protein more readily when it's combined to make a whole amino acid.  This means lots of beans and rice, or wheat and dairy.  Not sure where my favorite dessert of yogurt and chocolate chips fits in...

I also made energy bars from, and lots of his special lemon-lime energy drink which involves lemons, limes, and dates.  Whoa, tasty!  I am loving the homemade energy bars.  And lemons and limes and dates are new staples in my drink menu.

The vegetarian thing seems to be working pretty well.  I've felt really clear and strong.  In my last brick, I pulled an 8:15 first mile and a 9:15 last mile after a strong bike.  (I know, I know, but for me, that is BLAZING.  My first year at this, I was mobilizing at 11:15 miles, and thought breaking into the 10:40 range was hot stuff, and it was, for a non-runner!)  Usually, running hurts me.  But in yesterday's Tri at the Grove, I actually had the steam in the engine to put ON speed during the run.  Granted, I was huffing and puffing exactly like a steam engine as well- my teammate wasn't surprised when I passed her because I'm sure she heard me huffing along a mile away!

But I'm definitely not feeling the pain that I usually feel.  I'm finding right now, my heart rate is lower (150-160s, instead of in the 170s) and I am starting to be able to run to the point where I'm breathing hard before I give in to the legs.  I don't know if I'm just fitter or if it's the all the beans and rice.

So today, I've eaten most of the groceries from my last shop.  Left to my own devices I get really lazy about going to the grocery store and I will eat beans and rice and frozen spinach for days before I give in to the store.  It's like a cooking reality show in here sometimes.   I was down to my last container of mjedrah (look it up if we can ever agree on how to spell it- it's basically lentils and rice and veggies cooked together with some seasonings), a potato, one of those little red wax covered cheese wheels, and a Tasty Bite.

That explains why I had a perfectly baked potato, warm and creamy inside, topped with mjedrah that I had stewed together with a Tasty Bite (eggplant punjab) like a little Frankenstein stew, with half a cheese wheel grated over the top.

It was delicious.  And I avoided having to go to the grocery again!  Win!

Bike ride tomorrow.  I have calibrated my computer to my wheel so I should have accurate speed and mileage information now.  My mechanics weep that I have a wired computer on my gorgeous bike, but they'll have to put up with that for now.  Maybe Bike Santa will bring me a wireless computer!

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