Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove

Today was the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove.  Rolf Prima makes amazing bike wheels, and I have to commend them on a fabulous event.  This was a really well-run tri, with clear starts, secure bike areas, and lots and lots of friendly volunteers who pointed out crucial bike turns and cheered on every single competitor.  (Actually, the volunteers today kinda rocked my world.  So did the spectators, most of whom also cheered every single competitor!) All in all, it was a great, friendly, fun race.

Setting up at transition.  My bike frame is so small now it's hard to find a place for my number!

So how'd mine go?  I'll start with the things that went wrong:

A) I was woefully inconsistent with my training.  Between vacation, the car engine fiasco, and a pilgrimage to England, I didn't do anything like I normally do.  For pete's sake, I'd just bought my new bike Monday! Three bike rides, that's it.  And swimming?  Don't make me laugh.  I hadn't swum since my first swim at Fern Ridge... when M was still in town.  Inconsistency is a bad thing.

B) I signed up for the race on a day when I was feeling woeful and sorry for myself and really chubby. So I ordered a large T-shirt, telling myself that a medium would be too clingy.  That explains why my race t-shirt is big enough to wear as a nightshirt.  Next time, someone should stop me from ordering a race t-shirt when I'm having a low self-esteem day.

C) The Swim.  Considering that I hadn't trained for the swim at all, and that something is really wrong with my stroke, I finished and I was not dead last.  I think I was third from the last.  For a few minutes, I was really worried that I was about to time out of the race for the first time ever.  That worst case scenario did not happen.  I think some swim coaching needs to be in my future.

Preparing to drop off the race buoys.

Now on to the things that went right:

A) I remembered all my stuff!  I have a "tri packing checklist" of all my stuff that I need.  I packed twice, checking off the stuff, and got to the race with everything.

B) My body parts didn't get stuck in the wetsuit.  Many athletes use a body glide sort of substance to prevent chafing and help get a wet suit off.  I've always saved mine for races.  I should probably think about using it more in training, because wow, my wetsuit was not horribly constricting and it came right off at the end of the swim.  And nothing chafed.

C) Nutrition.  I carried two Honey Stinger Waffles, Gatorade, and a packet of Shot Blocks (margarita flavor).  I should keep both bottles of Gatorade on my bike- I was thirsty after the swim, and I found that I was rationing my Gatorade more than I usually do because I decided to carry just one bottle.  Otherwise, the Waffles sat well in my tummy, and the Shot Blocks went down like a dream.  I did have to force them a little at the end, and I'll have to be mindful of that in Leadman.  It's one of those things that even when you don't feel like eating, when you are doing endurance sports you have to force yourself.

D) Bike ride!  I am still getting used to that bike and I still haven't achieved maximum speed, but there was a lot of fun to be had on the bike.  It wasn't my fastest bike split ever, but considering that awful swim, I am content with the bike.  After coming out of the water so slowly, the only job I had was to turn in a decent bike.  I started passing people, and didn't stop for the whole bike leg.  Granted, most people had left me in the dust by many minutes, but I did pass a few tri bikes.  One of the other girls and I started a passing game where I'd pass her and she'd fight back and pass me and I'd fight back and pass her.

E) Run.  I've always said I'm not a runner.  But I've busted my tail on the run the last two years, and my run training was the only part of all this that was consistent.  After the initial adjustment period of a mile or so, I found my legs, and started picking up speed.  I'd pick a rabbit ahead of me- someone I wanted to catch- and chase that person down.  I caught all my rabbits today!  I also finished solidly- I felt I could have kept the run up for a while.  This is good news considering I need to run 10 miles in September.

F) The Food.  At the Nation's Tri, one of my disappointments is the food.  I'm never hungry after an event, for a few minutes.  I'm never in a rush to get to the food line.  It's usually half an hour or more after I finish before I want food.  This means I choose to not get first dibs on food.  At Nation's, I've been subjected to burned burritos and no more food left by the time I was finally hungry.  Today, Laughing Planet had these delicious bean burritos that were very well-wrapped and didn't spill... and they had about a bajillion of them.  Rock on, Laughing Planet.

So all in all, I"m calling it a successful race for me.

Nifty Multisport Medal. 

My goals for August:

1) Get my swim sorted out.  I'm pretty sure I swim backwards when I kick, my fogging goggles cause me issues, and my sighting is dreadful.  I gotta get that worked out.

2) Play with the bike more.  Lots more.

3) Add the mileage to my run.

Goal for this afternoon.  Some foam rolling later.  

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