Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a BMC Streetracer

This is the bike.  It's a BMC, and several people have already suggested a name based on those letters.  I like that name, but think it also needs a bit of a break in before it really settles on a name.  I.e., M wanted to call his bike "The Blue Fury", but I think the "Sgt. Angel" fits much better.  (Because his Specialized is tenacious.  Get it?  You probably don't, and I am ok with that.  It's why I'm married to M and not to you, and you are grateful.)

Anyway, the bike.

Why, yes, I am wearing a shirt with brown accents over black shorts.  I clash horribly, and this jersey is stunningly comfy.  How can something so wrong feel right?  

This is the only full picture I've taken of the bike so far. 

These are my super hot wheels.  There's really nothing I can say about them that is proper to publish on the world wide web.  They are handmade lightweight little beauties.  The ride on these babies is breathtaking.  As in, a few times I went so fast and light I forgot to breathe, it was so smooth.  
I asked the owner of the bike shop what the prominen clicking, racheting sound was.  He grinned a little smugly and said it was the sound of high-end wheels.  

My sexy bottle cages.  I was picking out cheapie bottle cages, and the mechanics were about to die a thousand deaths.  One of them stated that the cages I had selected were too ugly to put on a beautiful bike like this.  And you have to admit, those are some neat looking cages.  

The whole bike.  I'm not crazy about my pump location- I find it hits my shoe now, when I clip in and out.  So I might try relocating it or even going (gasp!) to canisters.  

Overall, the ride this evening was superb... mostly.  I floated uphills and didn't go near the bottom of my gears.  I flew downhill (the only times I ever came close to catching anyone!).  The only problem...Well, I was really slow on the flats.  

I'm usually in the slow group, but this summer, I've been riding in the middle of the pack, not in the very back.  Today, I went to the back since I was a little nervous about the new toy and wanted to take it a little easier.  But then one of the guys accidentally forced me off the wheel I was holding, and I lost the train.  Once I lost the train, I lost everyone... entirely. 

I was so far behind, most of the time, I couldn't even see anyone else. 

I still held a good pace- my bike computer tells me that my average speed today was around 23 mph.  But at the same time... EVERYONE in the group beat me?  And here's the problem:  I completely spun out in the flats.  I lost count of how much coasting I had to do because I just didn't have any big gears left to go into.  

I had asked the shop to take the standard crank off and give me the compact set... but now I'm wondering if that was a mistake and if I should have kept the standard crank.  I hear it's not as good for climbing, and Leadman is going to be very climby, but I don't like getting dropped THIS MUCH. 

The other theory is that I could just be tired, still, and not realizing it.  But usually when I am riding tired, I feel it.  When I did paleo that time, I felt crummy on the workouts.  I actually felt great today: not hungry, energetic, comfortable.  I could have put more miles in.  I felt on my game.  So if it was me being tired, I wouldn't have known it.  In fact, I could easily step up the spin and pedal faster.  It just felt like pedaling faster wasn't giving the results I wanted.  At the end of the day, I didn't feel like I had worked quite as hard as I normally do on these rides, and I had spent a fair amount of it in the biggest gears I had.  

So the only issue with the bike is that I need to figure out what gearing will be best for me and she... because 23 mph is a little slow in this town... :-) 

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