Monday, July 23, 2012

A Weekend of Vegetarian Cooking

After deciding to challenge myself to a return to vegetarianism, I made sure to pronounce that publicly with the Boss' hearing.  He hadn't been vegetarian as long as I was, but he was a much more thorough vegetarian than I was.  He seems to be amused.

We are now back to where we started when we first met, debating which veggie burger is the best.  I think I should see if I can't find some Courage burgers for the next picnic.

Since Thursday (when I was awake enough to shop), I've made Sweet and Sour Tofu with brown rice, mjedrah (muh-JED-rah), and eggplant parmesan, all out of Diet for a Small Planet.  I just think she has some very tasty recipes, and I like all the seeds and that I don't have to shop for strange things like specialty flowers ground from the stamen of the exotic almond flower.  (My quibble with raw foodism, which is also very tasty, is the reliance on those exotic ingredients like baby coconuts, which are super-expensive and impossible to find.)

So far, I am finding that the cooking times are way shorter than she thinks.  Granted, my gas stove might be too hot so I might be cooking things too fast.  I should make friends with the lower end of the heat spectrum, and perhaps parcook the rice before I toss it in the mjedrah next time.

Some patience probably wouldn't kill me, either.

I found I was also REALLY jet-lagged and worn out this weekend, much more so than I would have thought.  Despite a marvelous 2-hour bike ride Saturday morning, I was unable to nap Saturday afternoon like I thought I would.  I was in and out of bed all night.  I couldn't nap all Sunday.  If you've never been tired like that, trust me that you are really tired when you can't sleep because you're so tired.  It really affected my appetite... I had ice cream cake at a party, but wasn't hungry for anything other than a piece of cake, and then not hungry all night.  I haven't gone to bed without supper since I was doing night shifts!

Sure hope the worst is over now.  I locked the cats out of the bedroom (to their great ire) so I could get some sleep without Snowbeast's normal 4AM spastic cuddle fit that wakes me up.  You know what's great about dogs?  I train my dogs to sleep on the floor in their special dog bed!  That's what.

Bike fit today, pictures later!

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