Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekends in Oregon.

It was Memorial Day weekend this past week.  Most of my friends seemed to have a three day weekend, which for them meant no work at all.

Since I'm a priest, it meant plenty of work for all the clergy in my parish!  But it was fun.  I started off with a wedding for a truly lovely couple who are by now enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii.  I always tell everyone: every wedding MUST have a disaster!  Pick a good one early on, and you avoid a lot of grief later.  This wedding's disaster started early last week when the state of Oregon LOST the couple's wedding license when the computers went down!  Thankfully, a kind court clerk made the legal magic happen so we were good to go in the end.  On Saturday, the day of the wedding, I arrived to discover their friend had made them a delightful wedding cake... with a Mario Brothers theme!  Bonus?  I keep hearing stories of horrid photogs, but the photographer and sound guys were both just top notch professionals.  I keep a list of the good guys I work with so I can recommend them to future couples, and also so when other clergy complain I can whip out my list and suggest some names.

How cute is that?  And what a cool gift from a friend!

Then it was Pentecost.  (AKA, birthday of the Christian church, when many churches do fun things like give out red balloons or wear red clothes.) I shouldn't brag, but I think every single person in the church down to the littlest baby was wearing red.  We are so awesome like that.  Granted, the littlest baby is also the priest-in-charge's daughter, so she has the P.K. advantage, but still.  Well, actually two people WEREN'T wearing red... my husband and the organist's husband.  Apparently, we didn't cover the red thing with our spouses.  Whoops.  Fail... no, wait... self-differentiated spouses WIN!

So, Monday, I went for a bike ride.   I wanted to ride a little loop I like called McKenzie View Road.  It starts with what I remember being a strenuous torturous climb, and then flattens out in another climb and then a flat loop.  I must be stronger because the strenuous tortutous climb wasn't not nearly as bad as remembered.  It really felt faster and easier this year!  Yeah!

The trouble began at the stop sign at the first intersection.  I stopped for a quick battery change, but apparently did not zip up my seat pouch enough.  As I was working my way up the next hill, a van pulled up next to me to let me know my seat pouch was by now fully open and scattering things all over the road side.  Important things, like my tire levers, my spare tube, my car keys...

And then it started to spit rain.

My nice fast loop turned into a spit-raining series of hill repeats until I'd found everything.

My mood turned from "Happy Bike Ride Nice Weather Even Clouds Are Pretty I Love Oregon" to "Die Hills Die Die Zippers Die Flowers Die Car Keys".  You may use your imagination, but I promise you, if you can imagine the swear word, I used it yesterday.  The last thing to be found were the car keys.  You would use the swear words too.

By the time I got home I was wet, dirty, and sore from all the repeats of hills plus grumpy about having lost the chance for a good ride.  There may have been crying involved.  It is possible that sandwiches were actually refused (at first), which you should know is a true marker of sadness in this house.

In order to cheer me up, M decided to take me on a little hike out of town.  Wisely, he stopped at Subway and put a grinder in my hand.  Six inches of protein and carbs later, sanity was returning to my head, and an hour later we had winded through the rural places of Oregon to a nice little hiking trail.  Oregon has hot springs.  They are a little sulfurous, but an hour of hot springs on sore muscles made both of us feel a lot better!

Not the hot spring, but on the way there.  Look!  Waterfalls!  And yes, the water really is that green!

Hiking!  Woods! Nature! Outdoors!  Not inside!  And low pollen count area! 

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