Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Fast Week

The weeks are just flying by.  It seems like my life at the moment is entirely composed of obsessing over things like British train schedules and making spreadsheets of information.  Luckily, I love making spreadsheets of information and checking off lists, so I'm sort of in heaven right now.  But the fact remains that I am spending a lot of time working on the pilgrimage.  If you are one of the parents who is entrusting me with the safety and happiness of your teen this summer, this is *very* good news.  

So last week, M picked me up after church and we went running on Pre's trail.  Somehow, I've become faster than him in the run right now.  He's both slower and getting winded faster than me at the moment.  The lovey dovey part of me slows down with him and walks with him because I like him.  The triathlete part of me occasionally runs on ahead for a few minutes and/or treats certain parts of the run like a throwdown.

Oddly, he's been saying something about beating me in a run later this summer.  That's the spirit, my cupcake.

Then I joined the tri club for a brick on Thursday and I think I might have turned in my fastest brick ever. My whole time was 1:00:05, which means my goal this year is to break 1 hour on the brick.  Actually, I think I should also work towards breaking the 9 minute mile as a regular pace, as well.  My first two miles were in the 9 min 30 second range, and somehow, my third mile was something like 8:30.  Where did that come from?  I felt like I was plodding along like the Jello of Misery and Suffering.  My legs felt leaden.  My shoulders felt wobbly (which I now know comes from the stretched-out fit on my bike).  I just felt slow, slow, slow.  Granted, I was running against a field of incredibly fast whippet-like guys, including one guy who is a freakin' All-American triathlete.  For those of you who don't follow triathlon, that means he's a super-incredible-fast-age-grouper and is going to a mega-important-race in New Zealand.

Lucky for the whippets, they are all really nice guys and awesome cheerleaders and they say nice things about my Yankx.  So I might be slow, but they are good guys.  Actually, Multisport Advantage is full of great cheerleaders and our head coach makes us awesome recovery cakes every now and then.  (Hint, hint...)

Today, I went for a hills run.  Ironically, I started out in the opposite direction thinking I didn't want to run hills, but a mile in, I got this hankering to run the hills after all.  Fortunately, I live in the hills, so that wish was easily granted.  There were some tough sprints in there and I was pretty sure I'd broken a rib at one point and my heart rate was up in the 180s once.  But now I am done and have nothing but fun errands to do all day.

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