Friday, April 27, 2012

I Fix Bicycles On A Very Productive Friday

I tossed my hybrid up on my roofrack earlier today and headed out to do chores.

And then I turned around and came home after doing the first chore because I had forgotten my coupons and I was hungry.

Thirty minutes later, full of brown rice and kale and tofu, I headed out again, coupons in hand.

In preparing-to-take-15-teens-to-England news, I made a killing on sheets to make a new snuggie sack (a sleep sack, like a sleeping bag liner, so I don't have to touch potentially sketchy hostel sheets).  My new snuggie sack will be a DYI that cost $9.99.  The cheapest pre-made sack is $30 with a scratchy thread count, so Bargain Shopper me wins again!  I'm rather ferocious that way.  Take me tag-saling with you.  Seriously.

Then I went to LifeCycle, where they endeared themselves to me for pretty much all eternity.  First, one of the mechanics waved as I walked in.  Aww!  They remember me, and they don't run away screaming when I come in!  Then he picked up his baby who was crying tears everywhere.  He had her stashed under the workbench for her nap.  He handed her a Park tool (while he was holding her and watching carefully) and she was a happy camper.  Then the guys sold me brake pads, but not regular brake pads from the front of the store.  They sold me brake pads out of the mechanics' stash in the back.

Let me tell you, I feel so. cool. now.

Then I went off to the Barn.  Getting the pads off was the easy part, and I had a fleeting moment when I thought this would be much faster job than I'd thought.

That was before I discovered that the screw that adjusts the tension was stripped and also attached to a piece of metal that was bent.

My quickie job turned into a 2 1/2 job which involved me taking the whole brake off the bike, bending the metal back into shape, and putting it back on, and then adjusting everything, including the cables.

End result: the wheels spin freely.  They stop when I squeeze the brakes.  They start again when I move the pedals.  Brake win!

In other news, I may be nearing the end of the new-luggage-locating adventure.  After spending some weeks lamenting the outlived usefulness of my poor hosteling backpack, I have one more bag to do a neighborhood walking test with.  I think this one will be the winner.  More to come when I have the return slips printed for the other contestant.

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