Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holding It Together in Holy Week

Between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, I will have officiated or preached at something like 16 different services, with zero repeats.  Whew.

Huge shout out to the Altar Guild and all the Deacons and Lauren at the office for making all the magic happen.  This, in the middle of the week when the Office Manager is on maternity leave, the Priest-in-Charge is on paternity leave, and the Parish Administrator is with her family.  So I'm the sole remaining full-time employee trying to hold it down for the week.  I think the Universe Gremlins are snickering.

So far, I have prevented the church from burning down.  Good job, Assistant Priest.  We had a little moment on Sunday when one of our prayer stand candles flared up. (Someone had dropped a lihgting stick into the votive.) Little flickering lights are okay.  Leaping orange flames and black smoke are a little disturbing.  The flames were about 6 inches high before I could blow it out.   Your priest at work.

I have made ricotta pies.  This is a Portuguese delicacy that some evil people (like my best college friend!) call cheese cake, but it is not cheesecake.  It is not a batter.  It does not cook in a water bath.  There is no graham cracker crust.  Cracks on the top are a virtue.  And it's SO healthy, with tons of protein and electrolytes and stuff.  You can eat it for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, and we do.

I know that I have real friends in Oregon now, for sure, because when my friend was on her way over to bake ricotta pies with me, I was making dinner and had M shove some stuff in the corner instead of organizing my closets and arranging my shoes in pairs like I do for guests.  You are a true friend if you get to see stuff shoved into corners.  We also played Zombie Fluxx, the best card game ever.  I won twice.  Because I'm sneaky and lucky, even though my luck extends only to card games.

I made it to a boot camp workout at tri club.  I notice that our Fearless Leader is all about the form and the fun... her husband (being military) is all about the strength and the tough.  Except he does have great taste in 80s music.  His playlists sound pretty much like my own, which is a frightening thought.  His workouts are tough, but always interesting.  I haven't done pikes since cheer camp.  It was actually a very cheerleader friendly workout yesterday... Y-T-A moves on the TRX and Pikes.  What's next, jump lines?  JAZZ HANDS?

I also hauled myself onto the bike today, which was heroic, considering yesterday's workout.  I am shopping for a WSD bike, to accommodate my super-short torso.  I have really long legs and a short dinky torso.  I've learned this makes bike fits interesting.  I decided to pedal to Jesus Christ Superstar, which I watch every single year during Holy Week.  Try riding fast, hard intervals every time Caiphas speaks, or 5 second sprints for every jump in the dances.  It makes for a really, really fun bike workout.

And then there's the part of Holy Week that my male friends never have to think about: what clothes go from day to evening in the church world (or Needle Arts Potluck Thursday to Maundy Thursday services... really, Tim Gunn, what does one wear?), and how to tame one's hair from wet to dry and organized in 15 minutes.  I have a lot of hair.  It takes a lot of taming.  It's truly complicated in a way that only the Portuguese may be able to understand.

However, the end result is that I get to eat ricotta pie and coconut cake for potluck in 10 minutes, and that will be brilliant.  Unlike the rest of the responsible universe, who give UP sweets for Lent, Lent is the only time of the year that I eat Cadbury Creme Eggs.  And I only eat Peeps on Easter.  So the sugar high fuels the Easter.  Oh yeah.

In other news, I am researching meal plans to start next week to whittle off the next 10 pounds of the remaining pudge.  I suspect I'd have less pudge if I stop doing things like putting chocolate chips on my yogurt.  But I have found a recipe for 44 calorie chocolate chip cookies!  I'll put those on my yogurt instead.  I'm now down about 12-14 pounds from my all time high in CT, but still have 8-10 to go before I'm at the top of my "fighting weight".  I have a big season planned and want to look hot in tri gear.

Oh, and go fast and everything, but at the end of the day, triathletes are really exceptionally vain and don't let anyone tell you different.

Happy Easter!  Almost....

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