Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Shoes!

So, when birthdays happen, presents are often exchanged.  Back when I was single, I would give myself a birthday present.  But I usually wouldn't buy it until after my birthday because I knew I'd lose patience and peek.  Actually, one year, I gave myself a KitchenAid stand mixer.  Which I bought on sale, with a coupon.  Two months late.

I'm the gift giver everyone warns their spouse about.

Thankfully, M is better than that.  Granted, he's still a typical guy, and so I give him a list of suggested items ranging from ridiculously expensive to make-your-frugal-grandma-happy cheap.  He knows I'll be happy with anything anywhere on the list, and I still get a surprise.  

So what would get a triathlete excited?

I'll give you a hint: heck yeah, it's a bike.  But I did not ask for a bike on the list.  I just love bikes, that's all.   

M gave me a gift card to the Eugene Running Company, which I'm becoming fond of as a store for all things running.  Shoes indeed are toys because you do fun things in them, and experiences because of all the neat places you go to run, and things to wear.

As it turned out, the man had combined the guidance of The List with a developing skill of reading hints.  I had written "tri toys!"  on The List.  But I'd also been complaining for a month or two about how I thought I needed new running shoes.  My old ones looked like this.

The black laces are Yankz, which every triathlete and runner should have.  If you want to be cool.
And to put your shoes on really, really fast.  

Let's just say when I showed them to the employee at the Eugene Running Company, her jaw dropped in disbelief and she started laughing.  She said when she saw me outside, she thought I was carrying running flats.

These are my new shoes.

They are so bright, I can run in the dark and I"m sure the ground will be lit up from the brightness of the yellow soles alone.  They are also more flexible and a little lighter than my old ones.

Injuries are Sneaky and They Suck

I can't wait to get out there and start trying them out!  I am on two weeks enforced rest while we try to figure out what is going on with my ongoing cranky, sore hip.  Something clearly didn't heal quite right after the latest crash- it has a bad tendency to get stabbing sore pains (like my healed broken hand does), so I'm suspecting it's some sort of scar tissue or adhesions or something very athletic and hardcore like that.  I suggested a month of 4 times a week hot buttered stone massages with hot towel wraps and a 6 foot tall, blond, muscled masseuse named Ivan.  The doctor prescribed, instead, two weeks of rest (no yoga, pilates, bike, or run!  At all!!), anti-inflammatories, and icing.

Icing.  Hmph.

Happy running, everyone!

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Lady Anne said...

Just wandered over here from another site. As long as the "icing" is on your birthday cake, all will be well. (Can we eat birthday cake during Lent, even if it's not a Sunday?)