Sunday, February 26, 2012

The First Few Days of Lent

So I had decided to do a tech fast for Lent. So far, it's going okay.  I had to turn off Facebook on my phone- as in, figure out how to log off of it.  I really hadn't realized how automatic it had become to just wile away the time, clicking on stuff.  I hadn't realized that even when I had my computer off, I could grab the phone and just click away without realizing what I was doing.  So I think the tech fast will be very interesting.

I am taking my extra time to do things like more knitting, so I might even have the latest blanket done in time.

I'm getting out of the house closer to on time, even though it's not like I have a hard and fast "must be at the office" time.  Of course, sometimes we have things like this week when my iPhone's Nike iPod thing miscommunicated with my shoe thing and I ended up running an unknown distance for almost an hour instead of 30 miles in under 30 minutes.  All this while wondering "What the heck is going on with my iPhone?  Why won't it talk to me?  WHY? WHY?"  while I pounded pavement and suffered mightily.

I then proceeded to pick up a 24-hour-bug and die a thousand horrible deaths before noon yesterday.  It was almost 7PM before I was able to eat anything.  Today, I still don't want to ever see any food again ever, but I at least can remain upright.

I think that was an excellent Lenten fast, right?  My body sort of shot forward into the future and fasted from food I hadn't even eaten yet.

And I still haven't had my first Cadbury Creme Egg this year.  I'm just not in shops that much!

OK.  It is now time to turn off the computer for the tech fast.  Be well!

Oh, and as the Pilgrim leaders and I are researching places for the pilgrimage, I found this picture:  the house I lived in while I lived in Bath!

Be the Lent, everyone!

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