Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farewell to Old House

We moved this past weekend.  Yes, I know that we had only lived in our former place for 10 months.  And I know we had that temporary place in Hartford before then.  Before that, we were 2 years in the West Hartford place, and that was pretty okay, except for the eventual sewage-in-the-bathtub problem.  And before then, it was 9 months in the very cool but huge, drafty, and woefully underfurnished 250-year-old rectory, preceded by 6 months in the delightful teeny tiny place in Fredricksburg.  Before that, I was 9 months in a dreadful vermin-infested townhouse, rooming with a crazy roommate, and before that, 3 months with a delightful friend in a very cool rectory, and 2 1/2 years in an amazing apartment with the world's best floor plan in Columbia Pike.

I guess I move a lot.  Looking back at that list, I guess I am also pretty hard to please with apartments.  I seem to require a mix of a great view and a nice floorplan to really be happy.  Our place here in Eugene was actually very nice... gas stove, two bathrooms, washer/dryer.  The only problems were that the floorplan was awkward.  

For example, the dining table didn't actually fit in the dining area.  Once, we had the Boss and his family over... we shoehorned his little girl in between the table and the hutch.  Oh, and then we literally moved the table.  After that, we just started feeding people on the patio, using our card table.

And the view was quite unique.

Let's just say the best part of that was not having to go far to get to take our recycling out.  

The only room that worked was my study.  After M finished school, I convinced him to get rid of the classic wooden "teacher's desk" I had bought for my first place from a yard sale.  7 years later, it had gone through two rounds of grad school.  After getting rid of it, I pushed around furniture and suddenly hit on the perfect room configuration.  It looked like a study.  Intellectuals, bookish people, musicians, and people with a thing for cozy rooms wept when they saw it.  One whole wall was lined with books.  I started spending hours up there.  Of all the rooms in the house, it was the only one I actually managed to get right.

You don't stay in a house for one room.  Not even if you love it.  

So, we left the bedroom with such awkward storage that my wedding gown spent the last 10 months awkwardly balanced on a ledge above the bed... we left the giant mirrors on the wall directly opposite the bed, which let me tell you was extremely creepy for so many reasons... we left the boxcar living room with the exposed TV cable running bumpily under the rug because the cable outlet was on the wall across from where the TV actually fit... we left the place where the kitchen was across the room from the front door requiring us to track dirt through the entire living room every time we entered.  

Now we have a place where some rooms are slightly smaller, but others are much larger.  The dining room table is set up and does not need to be physically moved in order to accommodate well-brought up, extremely polite but woefully squished 10-year-olds, and the view is *amazing*.  Seriously, you can see to the East and the West and North where Mt. Pisgah is visible on a clear day.  Yesterday there was a giant rainbow.  This morning, I think I saw a Stella's Jay- the former tenant used to feed the birds.

Right now, though... I have a few weeks of organizing and sorting ahead of me.  

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