Friday, February 10, 2012

The 80-Year-Old Body

At the moment, I feel a bit like a creaky old lady.  My right hip (the one that was so badly bruised last September) has never really stopped being sore and sometimes still showing light bruising.  There's still a lump in there.  My right hand (the one that I broke a few years ago) is the best damn weather predictor in the universe.  I like to hold up my fingers dramatically and call out weather to astonished onlookers, who must believe that my hand is truly magical.  I had been suffering intermittent headaches that were directly related to my consumption of French Press versus coffeemaker coffee.  Basically, my normally healthy body curled up and went into its 80's.

Meanwhile, I went on retreat with other colleagues new to the Diocese of Oregon for program called Fresh Start.  By this time in my career, there's not much new under the Fresh Start sun, but I go faithfully and I enjoy it because it connects me to new colleagues.  Doesn't matter if the module we are being taught is way-old-news (family systems?  snore!)- what's important is the time with other colleagues.  I mean, when else will I get 6 hours to talk things over with other people who don't know this Diocese that well or whose spouses are struggling to find work in their field or who are also facing an imminent move to the apartment they've been wait-listed for?

It's worth its weight in commiseration gold.

Usually I'm a huge extrovert, but this time around, I was actually pretty miserable.  Tuesday morning I did my workout for the 35 workouts challenge, and felt pretty dang good.  I'd been feeling pretty good all along this month, between the runs and the rides.

But this time, I was bushed.  I curled up in the backseat of the carpool (in the truck we have affectionately nicknamed "The Thing") and slept most of the way to the retreat.  By the time we got out at the retreat center, my right hip was sounding delightful klaxon bells.  I was miserable most of the retreat.

Long story short: the little September bike crash with the resulting huge hematoma seems to have weakened the injured area in my hip and my abs have been compensating.  There is either a great deal of Pilates or some physical therapy in my future.  I'm going to hope that Pilates will help me regain that deep strength and avoid PT.  And some TRX.  I hope I can get back to biking and running ASAP, but trust me I have no desire to stress out my hip at the moment.

Another benefit of the retreat was talking to some other colleagues who also have iPhones.  They shared a few new tricks and I spent some time today setting up my iPhone and color coding everything.  Work is purple and home is green.

And I discovered that the vast majority of my calendar is work-related.  With the exception of my day off (which I write down every week to try to force myself to be disciplined), I have sometimes only one or two "home" events every month.

Um, right.  Month. Perhaps that dramatic imbalance also has something to do with the feeling of tiredness.  That, plus my guy staying a few times this month that he doesn't feel that I've been home much... maybe it's time to schedule in more "green" time.

So I think I need to start scheduling in more things.  I do a pretty good job of working in a workout and stuff like that, but I think I need to work in more actual scheduled time when I plan other things that are not work.

I think I'll make this one of my Lenten disciplines.  Plan better use of non-office time so I don't end up with an all purple calendar.

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