Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday At Home

I'm not really into fung shui.  But ever since I participated in a liturgy course with the All Saints' Company out of St. Gregory of Nyssa in San Francisco, CA, I have believed in energy in buildings.  Did you know that if the presider stands as little as one or two feet out of place, that person is not only  very hard to hear, but actually looks smaller.

Energy flows in our home too.  Growing up, my mom's kitchen table was always cluttered hopelessly with piles and piles of mail.  It's not that we were all slobs.  It's that we didn't know how to work with the energy of that house to create a "landing strip" to drop keys and shoes and mail to sort.

So on this sorta-rainy Saturday, after spending sometime tidying up the study, I realized I was ALWAYS tidying the study, ALWAYS shooing the cats off something, ALWAYS stubbing my toe or not printing a document.  I never wanted to spend much time up here. After 10 months, it was time to  re-arrange.
The new entry into the study.  The classic music stand was in the other corner, the piano had been under the window, and the secretary was next to the window where the futon now is. 

After M graduated, we kept our two desks to let ourselves experiment with how we were really going to use workspace in our house.  After all, simple graduation does not mean he's stopped studying or working at home! Being a priest, I regularly work at home.  So having a functional study is important.   Looking around, I realized (among other things) that all the light was on the same side of the room.  Deciding to figure out how to get light on the other side of the room is what sparked the rearranging. I wanted better light for my piano and more light in the corner furthest from the window.

We finally decided to let go of our "teacher desk".  This was a great old solid wood piece that I bought off a yard sale in 2004 when I was in Arlington.  It was a big old clunker that was a perfect desk for its time.  I can't even imagine how many hours I spent there.
Being unable to find a picture of the Clunker, I give you SOME of the boxes of books we own.  The cat was packed in a different box for his moving.  The Clunker is barely in the photo at the left.

Then, last year, after my parents' move, I was gifted with the old secretary desk/object of my lust.  My dad and I refinished that, and it quickly became my new favorite desk.
Yeah, actually, it IS hot.

The old clunker went to Freecycle and now lives with a local super-poor college student who had no furniture at all.  He now has a desk, and someone gave him a bookcase, and I think he's going to get a tin cup soon.

All I really did in the now-clunker-desk free study was move things from one side to the other, leaving the books entirely alone because I can't bear the thought of moving all those books right now.  My muscles ache at the mere thought.  But I am amazed at how much more 'space' is suddenly in this room.  The heat register is free and I can have heat in this room at last!  (It used to be covered by the futon).  The music cabinet is near the desk so (gasp) the printer can be hooked up!  I admit it was getting a little tiresome to constantly be walking over to the printer, balancing the laptop on my leg, and standing while things printed out.  First world problem?  Heck yeah.

We'll see how it is to live in the new study space!  And we'll also play the game of "drop really obvious hints to M and see how long it takes him to realize that furniture is in a different spot".  He's an intellectual guy.  It sometimes takes him a while to realize that things have been moved or that he has no socks because I threw all his piles into the laundry.

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