Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Actual New Year's Resolutions

So this year, I actually have a few resolutions.  Usually, I start New Year's during Advent, but I was a little discombobulated this year.  When we had severals deaths rolling in during December, we decided to stop holiday everything.  No tree.  No presents.  No cookie baking.  No codfish balls.   Nothing.  And it was necessary, and ultimately, good.

1) Wean self off Facebook Addiction.  Facebook is necessary for work, and it's the easiest way to keep up with far-flung family and friends.  But it's easy to overdo it.  Facebook isn't the center of the universe- I have to remember to connect in real life and real time too.

2) Study for and take the GRE.  I think I'll even register for it.  That'll force me.  And go buy a GRE book to study from. GRE results are good for 5 years, so I might as well get it out of the way.  This. Means. Math.

3) Keep researching graduate school options and considering what is possible.  See, the thing is that I like my job, and I'm not open to leaving my job entirely for full-time school.  Besides, I will never be able to afford that.  (Because right now, I am committed to accruing no more debt in my life, other than a mortgage.  We are paying off what we owe.  I just don't trust society enough anymore to carry debt any longer than I have to.  In college, we were told that educational debt was always good debt.  Then the triple-dip recessions started rolling.)  I wonder what others have done in lean economic times, to pursue one's intellectual hunger and balance it with one's practical financial needs?

4) Compete in more than one triathlon, with an emphasis on running speedwork.  I've got the distance base down (for an Olympic, at least!).  I think I can aim for keeping my 10K COMFORTABLE under 1 hour.  I'm totally jumping on the Butte to Butte bandwagon with all my friends and the Boss and the U of O chaplain and half of St. Mary's and most of the tri club.    

4A) Come up with goofy workout names.  I already have the Holli, a regular 5K running route, named after a friend and colleague who uses a wheelchair asked us all to spend her "wheelchair anniversary date" enjoying our legs.  And I have the Bad-Mood Garbage Run, a funk-mood buster involving sprints from garbage pail to garbage pail on trash day.  I should name other routes, right? 

5) Seek enough balance to achieve 1 workout every day that I hold office hours.  The thing with tri training and my job:  well, I work a lot and sometimes have trouble giving myself permission to go in late or take lunchtime for a workout.  I struggle with wanting to have the appearance of being in the office and working all the time, even while I know that represents a horrible, unhealthy model for all work.  (Especially work like clergy work!)  I know I'm in a place where my parish and boss blesses balance.  I know that I use my study at home very well, especially writing and thinking and working during hours that are not typical office hours.  I suppose my boss and I should mutually explore this in supervision, since he probably has the same struggles!

6)  Get together with new friends to make codfish balls.  Of all the holiday traditions (Star Wars sugar cookies with royal icing decorated in peppermint! Chocolate Italian ball cookies!  Trees with jingle bells), this is the one I missed.  And I have a new Portuguese friend (who's a chef) who needs to have herself some codfish balls.  I think we need to invent a January holiday this year, to eat codfish balls with a lot of salad.  

Happy 2012, everyone!  Enjoy the Year of the Mayan Apocalypse!

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Lisa Fourniadis said...

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