Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vagabond Vacation

I guess we must be into those famous grey days here in Oregon.  It rained yesterday, hard enough that I actually looked at the rain boots.  I think it might not be a bad idea to get a pair.  I DO have Wellies, but those are Serious Hardcore wellies- green and everything- and hardly suitable for running errands.  But if you need anyone to muck out your horsestall, call me.  I am so your girl.

While on vacation I have been doing home improvement projects.  Among others things, we still haven't hung many pictures and I still have most of my jewelry sitting in a canvas shopping bag, as my jewelry holder was destroyed in the move.  (Oh, packers, how efficiently destructive you are.)  My projects for these two weeks:

-replace jewelry holder, hopefully by making one from repurposed items around house.  This is not because I am design savvy but because I am frugal.

-refinish the coffee table.
Found at the Parking Lot Sale for 4$, we are trying to take this from Man Cave to Living Room.  

-make cover for the piano, finally ceding the win to the cats and admitting they will always jump on my piano no matter where it is.

They love jump on my piano with their dusty little feet.  It doesn't matter where it is located.

-knit rag rug.
So far, so good.  This is made from the duvet cover that the kitties tore a hole in.  Hmmm... since getting married, between M and the cats, my things have a much shorter life expectancy.  Boys are destructive.

Bike riding is a little complicated at the moment.  After the last crash resulted in crutches and a bruise that lasted over a month, I find myself in the usual stage of post-crash road-shy.  I have had all three bikes out since the crash, but in the last week, the leaves have finally started coming down in earnest.  I'm a little nervous about hitting a patch of leaves and wiping out.  Of course, on wet roads and wet leaves, the road rash probably wouldn't be that bad. But what about the Giant Black Dogs of the Leaf Piles?  You know, the ones lying in wait in leaf piles to leap up and devour hapless little girls who jump into the leaf piles.

I might always suspect that was just a myth made up by a mean neighbor who didn't want me jumping in his leaf piles on the way home from school.

And on wet trails... between mountain lions and those steep drop offs, I think I'll wait to ride with buddies for a bit.

On Sunday, I'm running the EWEB Race to Stay Warm.  There's a 5K, 10K, and Half-marathon option. I picked the 10K with the aim of finally breaking my 10K 1:00 hour wall.  My last 10K was 1:00:05.  Just five seconds off, and that was after a 40K bike and in hot sun with humidity.  This is looking to be cool, and I'll be fresh.  Unfueled morning 5Ks are running me at 27-29 minutes these days, so I think this bodes well.

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