Monday, November 14, 2011

Life in the Southwest Hills: Running, no Bricks

I live in the southwest hills .  This means I live a little higher than regular Eugene, up a few hills.  This bodes wells for many things.

Among other benefits, the zombies in the zombie apocalypse will have to climb hills to get to my place, which I think means that I stay safer longer.  Plus, I have a great view.  Of the hills, I mean, not of the zombies which don't exist.  But if they did, I'd have a great view of them, too.

I also have "running buddies" like these...

These are the wild turkeys which live in the woods surrounding my complex.

I took off on a run this morning not running for time or distance, but just to get the pre-vacation jitters out. You know, the ones you get when you feel very ready yet totally unprepared for vacation.  So I went out and up the hills.  My regular 5K route goes downhill and loops into the flats, meaning the cooldown portion (post 5K) is the only bit that goes back uphill.  So going up the hills in the beginning means I run even higher into the hills and end up covering some very, very steep territory.

Today was 50 degrees out so a decent day.

I need to get some swim time in- so far, I think we only have pool access at 6AM Wednesday and 7AM Saturday and I am realizing that I just really hate those kinds of hours.  Argh.  But I need the swim time, so I might not have a choice, eh?

Bike time is decent.  I took the Bambino out on the roads the other day.  With a saddle adjustment (coming forward about an inch and a half), I feel much more balanced and centered... I'm back to lifting the Bambino over obstacles like train tracks and curb bumps.  I have lost all faith in my ability to either cross tracks or bunny hop curbs on the Bambino, ever.  I think Bambino needs to stay two wheels to the ground at all times, period.  It was a fast ride, though- my computer showed me pacing 18mph plus most of the way.

The eating tracking has also been interesting.  I'm discovering that I have no problem with carbs, but keeping my fat low is a challenge.  It's very easy to think "Cheese!  Nuts!  Protein!" and not just protein, but TASTY protein!  Of course, the healthy thing to do is to throw some chicken breast on my salad, but here's the thing... I just don't like chicken breast all that much.  It's not that I won't eat it... it's just not what I think of eating, given the choice.

What I do think of eating are sandwiches.  Perhaps a nice cheese sandwich.  And what's a pizza but an open faced cheese sandwich smeared with pureed vegetables?

Sadly, that kind of thinking, while accurate according to the statistics that I make up, is not cutting it with the hard, cold, thoroughly unfeeling app on my phone that tells me that pizza has too much fat and carbs for me to call it a good protein source.

This kind of cold hard truth is making it very difficult to figure out what to eat these days.  But I had so better benefit from it come Sunday, when I run EWEB's Race to Stay Warm.

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