Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bike! Turkey! Stuffing!

As I was drifting in and out of sleep this morning, I was dreaming.  I had gotten up as day was dawning to peep out the window- and saw plenty of nice clear sky.

Not the view outside my window, but a similarly clear day.  (Spencer Butte, if you want to go there yourself.)

Clear sky makes me excited.

Dawn makes me tired.  So I went back to bed and back to sleep for a bit.  But I was drifting in and out of dreams.

First I dreamed it was bright and sunny, and in the dream I took my bike out.  Sadly, I replaced the wheels with manhole covers and the handling was terrible.  That'll teach me not to watch Mythbusters too late at night.  Thanks, Adam, for the manhole cover flat tire fix.

Then I dreamed it was raining. I spent that dream putting on all my rain gear and explaining to a duck why it was a good idea to go riding.  The waterfowl in my dreams was quite disapproving.

Also not outside my window, but demonstrating the amount of rain in the dream.  

Then I dreamed it was bright but there were leaves coming down everywhere, burying me and my bike so I couldn't move. Then I woke up enough to realize I was smothering myself in the comforter.  Rearranged, I went back to sleep...

Real Tree in Oregon. 

Where it was raining again.  This time, I decided to take my MTB out and ride trails except I couldn't find my way to the trails so I spent all the dream on the road, on a MTB.  Honestly, that's almost nightmare territory.

Ultimately, when I finally did wake up, it was bright and sunny for real.  It was also 37 degrees.  This explains why I was wearing bright pink longjohns under my jersey and jacket, but I was cozy as a bug in a rug.

(No photos of pink long johns.)

I rode a 20 mile figure 8- down from my house to the Fern Ridge path, then on to the 10-mile loop the tri club did all summer, and then up around 18th.  I love the 10 mile loop since it's scenic, flat and fast.

End of the Fern Ridge Path, looking in the direction of Sisters, which you could see with your eyes
(but not with a camera).

The distorted car cracks me up. 

Sadly for me, my front chain ring is locked up again.  The cable is super-tight.  I know HOW to fix it, but I lacked the finger strength and dexterity in the field.

So I rode that puppy home, on the big ring, in one speed.  That's right- stuck on my big ring, going into the HILLS.

Thank you for existing, Thanksgiving.

By the time I got back, some terrible movie about taxidrivers who beat people up was on.  I enforced Holiday TV Law and got the channel changed to the Macy's parade and the Dog Show and football.  I was saving The Ten from himself, really.  Then I made a huge pot of pumpkin pastina risotto and The Ten (M) and I went over my boss' family's house and we shared a fabulous Thanksgiving meal.
My go-to hostess gift this season: English Cabbage Pickles.

I can never eat anyone else's green beans again.  Those were de-lish-ious.  Wow.

We also discovered Charlotte Russe and Secret Ingredient Pumpkin pie.  We played Creationary and I knitted.  We discussed the website to go to in order to sign up for the Jingle Bell Run.  There are several distance options, but I'm going to 5K this one, since I'm not running it for a PR.  We are going to get The Boss his first PR.

Looking forward to going outside again tomorrow!

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