Sunday, November 20, 2011

1:00:00 wall... bye bye.

For the record...

58:14 for today's 10K.  I appeared a little sad (ok, extremely sad) at the finish, as I misunderstood the clock and thought the clock was my official time.  (I came through at 1:11:something.)  The clock, however, showed the time for the HALF MARATHON.

So for a long time, I was all downtrodden and sad thinking I had run a 1:11-plus 10K.  (And I had thought I was pacing so WELL today!)

Man, am I glad I decided to check the posted race results up near the EWEB building, as I wanted to know my exact time to post in my great sadness.  I went to the results and just couldn't find my name anywhere in the 1:11's.

Then my speed-reading eyes caught a glimpse of my last name... on the next page up.  I had found M's name next to a time of 1:00:04!  I had come through a few minutes ahead... so hardly daring to hope, I raised my eyes a little higher...

And started squealing like a little girl!  There it was- 58:14!!!

Whoo hoo!

Salve for the soul on this weekend when the Ducks lost (so sad!) and Stanford won (meaning the Ducks lost twice because the league championship was gone, gone, gone) and the Redskins were run over the Evil Cowboys.

Now to sign up for the next race... my boss is soon to run his very first 5K.

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