Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Winter Plans

So, I've been behaving like a vegetable the past few weeks.  Kinda like this one...
Actual eggplant that came in our farm box.  He looks both disheveled and startled.  Note also the large schnoz.
It's been a little painful just to walk and sit... but I'm hopeful I can start slow jogs soon.  The bruising is resolving.  I've taken a few pictures, and even sent one to my mother.  Several friends have asked for the pictures, so I cropped them as tightly as possible, and discovered...

Yes, there's a definite limit to the sort of picture I will share with anyone who didn't give birth to me.  There's just no way to show off the awesome bruise with my dignity intact.  Sorry, fans.  Here...
It's actually looking kind of like this.  Just imagine red and purple where you see the blue, and blue and purple edging where you see the red.  Yeah, my bruise really does look kind of like the Crab Nebula.  Isn't Hubble cool?

The bruise goes from the top of my hip to about three inches over my knee, and wraps from mid-front-thigh to mid-back-thigh.  After a few days, a white line appeared in the shape of the curb, which is slowly filling in with mottled colors as I heat it with a heating pad and massage it every night.

The lump has gone from watermelon size to grapefruit size... but a large, California backyard grapefruit,  like our friend Gil who has citrus trees in his backyard has.
This is one of Gil's trees- it's a grapefruit tree right next to a lemon tree.

This is about the size of three of my fists.  And about the size of the lump on my leg.  

So I am setting my goals for the winter.  Among the measurable goals, I want to drop the last pounds of CT pudge by spring. So I'll be a lean, mean, machine.  Which means I'll still be a squishy, cuddly, ball of charm.  I'm a priest, people.  I don't think I'm good at mean.  It's why I do triathlon, and not rugby.  I like being able to hug my competitors and take joy in their accomplishments.  

Oh, that is such a fib.  I get mad when I get beat, especially by M!    

This Saturday, I'll be changing out the skewer on my bike to the indoor trainer skewer.  We are joining our tri club's training center for the winter, for computrainer and fitness classes.  We will also get some swim time in over the winter, so about 3 or so workouts a week, formally.  I should also do some serious Pilates or yoga at home, because after this crash, I realized that I haven't been stretching enough.  Back in Arlington when I was riding everywhere on my 30+ lb hybrid bike and having NO crashing whatsoever, I was a lot more flexible.  Hmmm... this will probably be an exercise in pride-bustin', as I discover just how tight I've become.  (But my quads and calves are awesome.)  

I also want to do some trail running and maybe some MTB riding on the "easy" trails, which are "crazy steep" by East Coast standards.  

If I do any trainer riding at home, it will probably be while I watch TV.  I like to ride while watching cheesy sci fi and Bollywood.  Don't judge.  Some people vacuum their house in their skivvies!    To each their own.  

I wonder what you are doing this winter?

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