Sunday, October 9, 2011

Healing and Waiting Stinks

Saturday my tri club had a little watch party for the Kona Ironman.  (It was also a fundraiser for one of our teammates who is heading to New Zealand for the World Championships next year.  I hang out with hardcore people like that now.)  I scheduled myself to ride in the middle of the bike leg (because bikes are the most fun, closely followed by transition.  So far, the most useful stuff I have learned has been watching other people transition!), and ended up meeting a lot of new friendly people.

Tri club (and Eugene) in general has been fun just for the sheer number of friendly people round town.  I think we've made more friends here in one summer than we did in CT in three years.  (Sorry, CT.)

Mackenzie Madison, one of our local Eugene pros, was there on her bike.  Another friend, John H, who is the guy going to the World Sprint Championships next year, described her actions as "punishing her bike". I think that is really quite an accurate description, and I say only that I bow to her.  I'd love to get a chance to watch her race some day!  Yes, Ms. Madison, I may go all fangirl geek on you.  Sorry!  

It was the first time doing any sort of real strenuous activity since the crash, which is going down in the books as the most annoying little crash ever.  Seriously, a curb causes all this trouble?  I had the interesting experience of watching my bruise change colors during the 1 1/2 hours I actually rode, with a number of stretch breaks.  My hip was not too happy with the movement, and I don't think the compression of the bike shorts helps.  On the bright side, I'm hopeful that getting blood moving around will be useful and helpful for the ultimate goal of "getting back to normal".  I mean, how many weeks can I spend heating and massaging a giant bruise for?

Meanwhile, I took the chance to run through a few little diagnostics on my bike.  Braking, shifting, cranks, pedals... all were pretty much okay (a few minor adjustments).  Ultimately, it made a little once-over trip to the nice guys at Hutch's who cleared it for the road.  They also confirmed my suspicions of a bent large chain ring, but the bend is very minor.

So it's all back to me having some serious conversations with a recalcitrant hematoma.  For whatever reason my body is not responding to my demands of overnight healing.  But I think that I'll have to work up to that via a week or so of yoga and pilates to stretch out all that sore tight crampy area.  

One aunt is pretty concerned about late-breaking blood clots, which I have to admit I have witnessed, so it's not a smart thing to push it too much.  On one hand, I have a bruise.  On the other hand, it's a hematoma that at one point was the size of a watermelon.  It's really annoying to be feeling better in most of one's body, but to have really stubborn painful sore spots in just one or two areas.  I'd feel a lot more legit about this whole thing if I were feeling tip-to-toe crummy like I was a few weeks ago. Instead, it's just waiting and allowing the bruise to heal and the swollen bit to recede.

Yeah, I'm excellent at waiting.

Lucky for me, UberCyclist is dangling the carrot of playing with bikes and installing new bike computers.  At least, that offers me something to work towards.

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