Friday, September 30, 2011

Walking Like A Little Old Lady

For the Record:

After four very long, uncomfortable, annoying days of being non-weight-bearing on the injured leg, I got in to see the specialist.  He looked at my X-rays, had me walk around, and said I could "wean slowly off the crutches at your discretion".

I nodded sagely and solemnly, and obediently put pressure on the injured leg, as I thanked him profusely and walked with the crutches out to my car.

Where I promptly threw them into the car, never to be touched again.  I'd rather hobble for a bit.  It feels VERY good to be back on two feet!

The injury was ultimately a HUGE hematoma.  M calls it "zombie leg".  The bruise is the size of a good-sized watermelon.  At the highest point, it was about three inches high.  From a vanity point, it is neat to feel so super skinny as my swollen leg makes the rest of me feel lean by comparison.  The bruises right now are purple, blue, black, red, green, and yellow.

I'm off the bike for a few weeks, and off running until the swelling goes down.

Did you know that a hematoma apparently creates a sort of jelly-like stuff in the injured site as the blood congeals?  So I get to massage it and use warm compresses to break it up and move it about.  But it feels very strange to be hauling around a sack of jelly.  Ew.

I will spare you pictures.

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Miss Jenny said...

Would I be considered your weird friend if I wanted to see pictures? I'm glad you're on the mend and nothing is broken!