Sunday, September 4, 2011

VW Beetles Are the Best Car Ever

In case you needed to know...

That is a bike box in the back of a VW Beetle.  Fully loaded, bike inside.  

This is my shoulder, because I'm snapping a picture over it while I'm sitting- **COMFORTABLY** in the driver's seat, which I didn't even have to move to fit the bike box into the Beetle.

And the hatchback even closed without a worry.

My Beetle is the best car ever.  Beetle and me, 4-evuh.

Thus is resolved the last worry I had about getting my bike from here to Portland.

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kathy bagioni said...

Had a beetle all through college. Moved from apartment to apartment, went camping, LOTS of road trips w/friends, and off road to collection sites for my senior environmental chemistry thesis. It went through the 1973 ice storm on REGULAR tires. And when the carburetor was balky on cold mornings you only needed a clothespin to get it started.
It was the little car that could.